Hungarian dual citizenship referendum, 2004

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A two-part referendum was held in Hungary on 5 December 2004.[1] Voters were asked two questions:[2]

  1. Do you agree with the notion that public health service institutions and hospitals should remain state or local government property, and, in accordance with that, the Parliament should repeal the contradictory law?
  2. Do you want the Parliament to pass a law that enables ethnic Hungarians with non-Hungarian citizenship and residence, who affirm their Hungarian nationality, either with a Hungarian identity card described in Par. 19 of Act LXII/2001, or in a way specified in the forthcoming law, to apply for and be granted Hungarian citizenship?

Both measures were approved by voters, but the referendum failed due to a voter turnout of 37.5%.[2]


Question I

Choice Votes %
Invalid/blank votes53,629
Registered voters/turnout8,048,73737.5
Source: Nohlen & Stöver

Question II

Choice Votes %
Invalid/blank votes61,093
Registered voters/turnout8,048,73737.5
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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