Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media

Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
Awarded for quality compilation soundtrack albums
Country United States
Presented by National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
First awarded 2000
Last awarded present
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The Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media has been awarded since 2000. In 2000 the award was presented as the Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album, and from 2001 to 2011 as Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Pictures, Television or Other Visual Media.

From 2012, the category has been known as Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.

Years reflect the year in which the Grammy Awards were presented, for music released in the previous year. The award is presented to the artist or artists of a majority of tracks and/or the producer or producers of a majority of tracks on the album. In the absence of either, then the award goes to the individual(s) actively responsible for the musical direction of the album.[1]


Year[I] Winner(s) Work Nominees Ref.
2000 Collins, PhilPhil Collins
 · produced by Phil Collins & Mark Mancina
Tarzan [2]
2001 Various Artists
 · produced by Cameron Crowe & Danny Bramson
Almost Famous [3]
2002 Various Artists
 · engineered/mixed by Mike Piersante & Peter F. Kurland;
 · produced by T-Bone Burnett
O Brother, Where Art Thou? [4]
2003 The Funk Brothers
 · engineered/mixed by Kooster McAllister & Ted Greenberg;
 · compilation produced by Ted Greenberg, Allan Slutsky & Harry Weinger
Standing in the Shadows of Motown [5]
2004 Various Artists
 · engineered/mixed by Joel Moss & Dan Hetzel;
 · compilation produced by Randy Spendlove & Ric Wake
Chicago [6]
2005 Various Artists
 · compilation produced by Zach Braff
Garden State [7]
2006 Various Artists
 · compilation produced by James Austin, Stuart Benjamin & Taylor Hackford]
Ray [8]
2007 Phoenix, JoaquinJoaquin Phoenix
 · engineered/mixed by Mike Piersante;
 · produced by T-Bone Burnett
Walk the Line

2008 The Beatles [lower-alpha 1]
 · engineered/mixed by Paul Hicks
 · produced by George Martin & Giles Martin
Love [10]
2009 Various Artists
 · produced by Jason Reitman, Margaret Yen & Peter Afterman
Juno [11]
2010 Various Artists
 · engineered/mixed by H. Sridhar, P. A. Deepak & Vivianne Chaix;
 · produced by A.R. Rahman
Slumdog Millionaire: Music from the Motion Picture [12]
2011 Various Artists
 · produced by Stephen Bruton & T Bone Burnett
Crazy Heart (soundtrack) [13]
2012 Various Artists
 · engineered/mixed by Stewart Lerman;
 · produced by Kevin Weaver, Randall Poster & Stewart Lerman
Boardwalk Empire: Volume 1 [14]
2013 Various Artists
 · produced by Woody Allen
Midnight in Paris [15]
2014 Grohl, DaveDave Grohl [lower-alpha 2]
 · engineered/mixed by James Brown;
 · compilation produced by Butch Vig
Sound City: Real to Reel [16]
2015 Various Artists
 · compilation produced by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez, Tom MacDougall & Chris Montan
Frozen [17]
2016 Julian Raymond (producer) Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

[lower-alpha 3]


  1. While the Beatles were the artists of a majority of the tracks on the album, because the recordings were all previously released they were ineligible for the award. Only George & Giles Martin and Paul Hicks were awarded Grammys for their work on the album.
  2. In 2014, the official Grammy Nominees list mentioned Dave Grohl as the sole nominee. During the award presentation, producer Butch Vig was also awarded. The official Grammy winners page lists both Grohl and Vig, as well as engineer/mixer James Brown as official winners.
  3. No individual nominations were listed in the 2016 Nominees List

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