Grammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album

Grammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album
Awarded for quality albums recorded and/or mixed in surround sound (classical and non-classical)
Country United States
Presented by National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
First awarded 2005
Last awarded 2016
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The Grammy Award for "Best Surround Sound Album" was first awarded in 2005, as the first category in a new "Surround Sound" field.

This field currently holds the Best Surround Sound Album award as its sole category.

It is one of a few categories which are open to both classical and non-classical recordings, new or re-issued. To qualify for this category, the recording must be in surround quality (with a minimum of four channels). The recordings must be commercially available on either DVD Audio, DVD Video, Blu-ray, SACD or surround download. The award goes to the surround engineer(s), the surround mastering engineer(s) (if any) and the surround sound producer(s) (if any). Performing artists do not receive the award, except if they are also the surround (mastering) engineer or the surround sound producer.

Winners & Nominees

Legend: * = Surround Mix Engineer / ** = Surround Mastering Engineer / *** = Surround Producer

Year Winner(s) Title Performing artist(s) Nominees
2005 Al Schmitt*, Robert Hadley & Doug Sax**, John Burk, Phil Ramone & Herbert Walf*** Genius Loves Company Ray Charles & Various Artists
2006 Chuck Ainlay*, Bob Ludwig**, Chuck Ainlay & Mark Knopfler*** Brothers In Arms - 20th Anniversary Edition Dire Straits
2007 Elliot Scheiner*, Darcy Proper**, Donald Fagen*** Morph The Cat Donald Fagen
2008 Paul Hicks*, Tim Young**, George Martin & Giles Martin*** Love The Beatles
2009 Michael Bishop*/**, Robert Woods*** Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition; Night On Bald Mountain; Prelude To Khovanshchina Paavo Järvi & Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
2010 Michael Bishop*/**, Elaine Martone*** Transmigration Robert Spano & The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Choruses
2011 Keith O. Johnson*/**, David Frost*** Britten's Orchestra Michael Stern & Kansas City Symphony
2012 Elliot Scheiner*, Bob Ludwig**, Bill Levenson & Elliot Scheiner*** Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (Super Deluxe Edition) Derek & The Dominos
2013 Jim Anderson*, Darcy Proper**, Michael Friedman*** Modern Cool Patricia Barber
2014 Al Schmitt* & Tommy LiPuma*** Live Kisses Paul McCartney
2015 Elliot Scheiner(*), Tom Coyne(**), Beyoncé Knowles(***) Beyoncé Beyoncé
2016 James Guthrie (*/**/***) & Joel Plante (**) Amused To Death Roger Waters
  • Morten Lindberg*/**/*** for Amdahl: Astrognosia & Aesop (Ingar Heine Bergby & Norwegian Radio Orchestra)
  • Morten Lindberg*/**/*** for Magnificat (Øyvind Gimse, Anita Brevik, Nidarosdomens Jentekor & Trondheimsolistene) composed by Kim André Arnesen
  • Erdo Groot*/**, Philip Traugott*** for Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 (Paavo Järvi & Russian National Orchestra)
  • Morten Lindberg*/**/*** for Spes (Tove Ramlo-Ystad & Cantus)

Legend: * = Surround Mix Engineer / ** = Surround Mastering Engineer / *** = Surround Producer

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