Grammy Award for Best Choral Performance

The Grammy Award for Best Choral Performance has been awarded since 1961. There have been several minor changes to the name of the award over this time:

Prior to 1961 the awards for opera and choral performances were combined into a single award for Best Classical Performance, Operatic or Choral

Awards are given to the choral conductor and to the orchestra conductor if an orchestra is on the recording, and to the choral director or chorus master if applicable. The choir and/or the orchestra do not receive an award. (Note: the press releases for the list of nominees in 2011 and 2012 did not mention award eligibility for engineers, mixers and/or producers, while the official Grammy Winners Database does mention these as official Grammy recipients. During the Grammy award ceremony in February 2012 no engineers, mixers and/or producers were mentioned as winners.[1]

Years reflect the year in which the Grammy Awards were presented, for works released in the previous year.


Performers who were not eligible for an award (such as orchestras, soloists or choirs) are mentioned between brackets

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