Forza Europa

Forza Europa
European parliamentary group
Name Forza Europa
English abbr. FE[1][2][3]
French abbr. n/a
Formal name Forza Europa
Ideology Conservatism[1]
From 19 July 1994[4]
To 6 July 1995[4]
Preceded by n/a
Succeeded by Union for Europe
Chaired by Giancarlo Ligabue[5]
MEP(s) 27 (July 21, 1994)

Forza Europa was a centre-right political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1994 and 1995.


27 MEPs from the Italian centre-right party Forza Italia, along with MEPs of the Christian Democratic Centre and the Union of the Centre, were elected in the 1994 European election and formed their own Group, self-referentially called "Forza Europa", on 19 July 1994.[4] The group was unique at the time for being dominated one national-level political party, and being composed of MEPs from a single EU member nation.[6] The group was generally sceptical of European integration.[7]

The group was joined on 15 December 1994 by one MEP of the Italian Democratic Socialist Party,[8] and one MEP of the Federalists and Liberal Democrats.[9]

The Group lasted until it merged with the European Democratic Alliance to form the "Group Union for Europe"[6][10][11] on 6 July 1995.[4][12]



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