Communist and Allies Group

Communists and Allies
European parliamentary group
Name Communists and Allies
English abbr. COM[1]
French abbr. n/a
Formal name Communist and Allies Group[2][3]
Ideology Communism
From 16 October 1973[4]
To 25 July 1989[4]
Preceded by n/a
Succeeded by Left Unity,
Group for the European United Left
Chaired by Giorgio Amendola,[3]
Guido Fanti,[5]
Gianni Cervetti[6]
MEP(s) 44 (July 17, 1979)
41 (July 23, 1984)

The Communist and Allies Group was a Communist political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1973 and 1989.


The "Communist and Allies Group" was the first communist group in the European Parliament,[2] founded on 16 October 1973.[4]

The Communist and Allies Group included MEPs from the Communist parties of France and Italy.

It stayed together until 25 July 1989[4] when it split into two groups, "Left Unity"[2] (LU) with 14[2] members and the "Group for the European United Left"[7] (EUL) with 28[2] members.



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