Union for Europe

Union for Europe
European parliamentary group

UFE logo
Name Union for Europe
English abbr. UFE
French abbr. UPE
Formal name Group Union for Europe[1]
Ideology Conservatism
From 6 July 1995
To 20 July 1999
Preceded by Forza Europa
European Democratic Alliance
Succeeded by Union for Europe of the Nations
Chaired by Jean-Claude Pasty
Giancarlo Ligabue (1995-96)
Claudio Azzolini (1996-98)
MEP(s) 34 (5 May 1999)

The Group Union for Europe (UFE) was a conservative political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1995 and 1999. The group was formed during the 4th European Parliament term in July 1995 from a merger of the European Democratic Alliance and Forza Europa parliamentary groups,[2][3] becoming the third largest group by number of MEPs.[4] The group was succeeded in the 5th European Parliament by the Union for Europe of the Nations (UEN),[5] while key UFE member parties Forza Italia and Rally for the Republic instead joined the European People's Party.[2]



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