Districts and LLGs of Papua New Guinea

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This page is a list of districts and Local-Level Government areas of Papua New Guinea.

On the highest level, Papua New Guinea is divided into four Regions. Below, Papua New Guinea has 22 province-level divisions: 20 integrated provinces, the autonomous province of North Solomons (Bougainville) and the National Capital District. No Each province has one or more districts, and each district has one or more Local Level Government (LLG) areas. For census purposes, the LLG areas are subdivided into wards and those into census units.[1]

Districts and LLGs of Papua New Guinea

List of districts and LLGs by region and province

Highlands Region

Simbu Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Chuave District Chuave Chuave Rural
Elimbari Rural
Siane Rural
Gumine District Gumine Bomai-Kumai Rural
Gumine Rural
Mount Digine Rural
Karimui-Nomane District Karimui Karimui Rural
Nomane Rural
Salt Rural
Kerowagi District Kerowagi Gena-Waugla Rural
Kerowagi Rural
Kup Rural
Kundiawa-Gembogl District Kundiawa Kundiawa Urban
Mount Wilhelm Rural
Niglkande Rural
Waiye Rural
Sina Sina-Yonggomugl District
(Sinasina-Yonggomugl District)
Yonggomugl Sinasina Rural
Suwai Rural
Yonggomugl Rural

Eastern Highlands Province

District map of Eastern Highlands Province
District District Capital LLG Name
Daulo District Asaro Asaro-Watabung Rural
Goroka District Goroka Goroka Rural
Goroka Urban
Henganofi District Henganofi Henganofi Rural
Kainantu District Kainantu Kainantu Urban
Kamano 1
Kamano 2
Lufa District Lufa Yagaria Rural
Mt Michael Rural
Unavi Rural
Obura-Wonenara District Lamari Lamari Rural
Yelia Rural
Okapa District Okapa Okapa Rural
Unggai-Benna District Benna Unggai-Benna Rural


Enga Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Kandep District Kandep Kandep Rural
Wage Rural
Kompiam District Kompiam Ambum Rural
Kompiam Rural
Wapi (Uangis) Rural
Lagaip-Porgera District Lagaip-Porgera Lagaip Rural
Maip-Mulitaka Rural
Paiela-Hewa Rural
Porgera Rural
Wapenamanda District Wapenamanda Wapenamanda Rural
Tsak Rural
Wabag District Wabag Maramuni Rural
Wabag Rural
Wabag Urban

Southern Highlands Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Ialibu-Pangia District Ialibu East Pangia Rural
Ialibu Urban
Kewabi Rural
Wiru Rural
Imbonggu District Imbonggu Ialibu Basin Rural
Imbongu Rural
Lower Mendi Rural
Kagua-Erave District Kagua Erave Rural
Kagua Rural
Kuare Rural
Mendi-Munihu District Mendi Karints Rural
Lai Valley Rural
Mendi Urban
Upper Mendi Rural
Nipa-Kutubu District Nipa Lake Kutubu Rural
Mount Bosavi Rural
Nembi Plateau Rural
Nipa Rural
Poroma Rural

Western Highlands Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Dei District Dei Muglamp Rural
Kotna Rural
Mount Hagen District Mount Hagen Mount Hagen Rural
Mount Hagen Urban
Mul-Baiyer District Baiyer Baiyer Rural
Lumusa Rural
Mul Rural
Tambul-Nebilyer District Nebilyer Mount Giluwe Rural
Nebilyer Rural

Hela Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Komo-Magarima District Magarima Hulia Rural
Mt Bosave Rural
Lower Wage Rural
Koroba-Kopiago District Kopiago Awi-Pori Rural
Lake Kopiago Rural
North Koroba Rural
South Koroba Rural
Tari-Pori District Tari Hayapuga Rural
Tagali Rural
Tari Urban
Tebi Rural

Jiwaka Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Anglimp-South Waghi District Minj Anglimp Rural
South Waghi Rural
Jimi District Tabibuga Jimi Rural
Kol Rural
Koma Rural
North Waghi District Banz North Waghi Rural
Nondugl Rural

Islands Region

East New Britain Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Gazelle District Kerevat Central Gazelle Rural
Inland Baining Rural
Lassul Baining Rural
Livuan-Reimber Rural
Toma-Vunadidir Rural
Kokopo District Kokopo Bitapaka Rural
Duke of York Rural
Kokopo-Vunamami Urban
Raluana Rural
Pomio District Pomio Central-Inland Pomio Rural
East Pomio Rural
Melkoi Rural
Sinivit Rural
West Pomio-Mamusi Rural
Rabaul District Rabaul Balanataman Rural
Kombiu Rural
Rabaul Urban
Watom Island Rural

Manus Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Manus District Lorengau Aua-Wuvulu Rural
Balopa Rural
Bisikani-Soparibeu Kabin Rural
Lelemadih-Bupi Chupei Rural
Lorengau Urban
Los Negros Rural
Nali Sopat-Penabu Rural
Nigoherm Rural
Pobuma Rural
Pomutu-Kurti-Andra Rural
Rapatona Rural
Tetidu Rural

New Ireland Province

District map of New Ireland Province
District District Capital LLG Name
Kavieng District Kavieng Kavieng Urban
Lavongai Rural
Murat Rural
Tikana Rural
Namatanai District Namatanai Konoagil Rural
Namatanai Rural
Nimamar Rural
Sentral Niu Ailan Rural
Tanir Rural

West New Britain Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Kandrian-Gloucester District Kandrian Gasmata Rural
Gloucester Rural
Kandrian Coastal Rural
Kandrian Inland Rural
Kove-Kaliai Rural
Talasea District Kimbe Bali-Witu Rural
Bialla Rural
Hoskins Rural
Kimbe Urban
Mosa Rural
Talasea Rural

Autonomous Region of Bougainville (Bougainville Region)

District map of North Solomons Province
Regions Regions Capital Districts
Central Bougainville Region Arawa-Kieta Kieta District
Panguna District
Wakunai District
North Bougainville Region Buka Atolls
Buka Urban
Kunua Kereaka District
Nissan l
Selau Suir district
Tinputz Districtal
South Bougainville Region Buin Bana Districtl
Buin Districtl
Siwai Districtal
Torokina District

Momase Region

East Sepik Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Ambunti-Dreikikir District Ambunti Ambunti Rural
Tunap-Hunstein Range Rural
Gawanga Rural
Dreikikir Rural
Angoram District Angoram Angoram-Middle Sepik Rural
Keram Rural
Karawari Rural
Marienberg-Lower Sepik Rural
Yuat Rural
Maprik District Maprik Albiges Mamblep Rural
Bumbuita Muhiang Rural
Maprik Wora Rural
Yamil Tamaui Rural
Wewak District Wewak Boikin Dagua Rural
Turubu Rural
Wewak Islands Rural
Wewak Rural
Wewak Urban
Wosera-Gawi District Wosera Burui-Kunai Rural
Gawi Rural
North Wosera Rural
South Wosera Rural
Yangoru-Saussia District Yangoru East Yangoru Rural
Numbo Rural
Sausso Rural
West Yangoru Rural

Madang Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Bogia District Bogia Almami Rural
Iabu Rural
Yawar Rural
Madang District Madang Ambenob Rural
Madang Urban
Transgogol Rural
Middle Ramu District Simbai Arabaka Rural
Josephstaal Rural
Simbai Rural
Rai Coast District Saidor Astrolabe Bay Rural
Naho Rawa Rural
Nayudo Rural
Saidor Rural
Sumkar District Karkar Karkar Rural
Sumgilbar Rural
Usino Bundi District Usino Bundi Rural
Usino Rural

Morobe Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Bulolo District Bulolo Mumeng Rural
Waria Rural
Watut Rural
Wau-Bulolo Urban
Wau Rural
Buang Rural
Finschhafen District Gagidu Hube Rural
Kotte Rural
Finschafen Urban
Yabim-Mape Rural
Burum-Kuat Rural
Huon District Salamaua Morobe Rural
Salamaua Rural
Wampar Rural
Kabwum District Kabwum Deyamos Rural
Komba (Seko) Rural
Yus Rural
Selepet Rural
Lae District Lae Ahi Rural
Lae Urban
Markham District Kaiapit Onga-Waffa Rural
Umi-Atzero Rural
Wantoat-Leron Rural
Menyamya District Menyamya Kapao Rural
Nanima Kariba Rural
Kome Rural
Wapi Rural
Nawae District Boana Labuta Rural
Nabak Rural
Wain-Erap Rural
Tewae-Siassi District Wasu Sialum Rural
Siassi Rural
Wasu Rural

Sandaun (West Sepik) Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Aitape-Lumi District Aitape Aitape Urban
East Aitape Rural
East Wapei Rural
West Aitape Rural
West Wapei Rural
Nuku District Nuku Nuku Rural
Palai Rural
Yangkok Rural
Maimai Wanwan Rural
Telefomin District Telefomin Namea Rural
Oksapmin Rural
Telefomin Rural
Yapsie Rural
Vanimo-Green River District Vanimo Amanab Rural
Bewani-Wutung-Onei Rural
Green River Rural
Vanimo Urban
Walsa Rural

Papua Region

Central Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Abau District Abau Amazon Bay Rural
Aroma Rural
Cloudy Bay Rural
Goilala District Tapini Guari Rural
Tapini Rural
Woitape Rural
Kairuku-Hiri District Bereina Hiri Rural
Kairuku Rural
Koiari Rural
Mekeo Kuni Rural
Rigo District Kwikila Rigo Central Rural
Rigo Coastal Rural
Rigo Inland Rural

Gulf Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Kerema District Kerema Central Kerema Rural
East Kerema Rural
Kaintiba Rural
Kerema Urban
Kotidanga Rural
Lakekamu-Tauri Rural
Kikori District Kikori Baimuru Rural
East Kikori Rural
Ihu Rural
West Kikori Rural

Milne Bay Province

District District Capital LLG Name
Alotau District Alotau Alotau Urban
Daga Rural
Huhu Rural
Makamaka Rural
Maramatana Rural
Suau Rural
Weraura Rural
Esa'ala District Esa'ala Dobu Rural
Duau Rural
West Ferguson
Kiriwini-Goodenough District Kiriwina Goodenough Island Rural
Kiriwini Rural
Samarai-Murua District Murua Bwanabwana Rural
Louisade Rural
Murua Rural
Yaleyamba Rural

Oro (Northern) Province

District map of Oro Province
District District Capital LLG Name
Ijivitari District Popondetta Afore Rural
Cape Nelson Rural
Oro Bay Rural
Popendetta Urban
Sohe District Kokoda Higaturu Rural
Kira Rural
Kokoda Rural
Tamata Rural

Western (Fly) Province

District map of Western Province
District District Capital LLG Name
North Fly District Kiunga Kiunga Rural
Kiunga Urban
Ningerum Rural
Olsobip Rural
Star Mountains Rural
Middle Fly District Balimo Balimo Urban
Bamu Rural
Gogodala Rural
Lake Murray Rural
Nomad Rural
South Fly District Daru Daru Urban
Kiwai Rural
Morehead Rural
Oriomo-Bituri Rural

National Capital District

District District Capital LLG Name
National Capital District Port Moresby Moresby North-East
Moresby North-West
Moresby South

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