Dinghai District

(the former county)
Chinese 定海
Postal Tinghai

 Dinghai  (Chinese: 定海区) is a district of Zhoushan City made of 128 islands in Zhejiang province, China. It is based on the larger northwestern half of Zhoushan Island, where it borders Putuo in the east. The district boundary meets that of Daishan County out at sea to the north of the island. Its southwestern boundary intersects the border of Ningbo, also entirely at sea.

The district used to be a county. In 1987, it was combined with the neighbouring county of Putuo to form the city of Zhoushan.

Basic Information

Downtown Dinghai from Xiaoqi Residential Building.
Cultural Square is generally considered to be the very center of Dinghai urbanized area by most natives.

In addition to Zhoushan Main Island, other large islands include:

Administrative Divisions

Dinghai Park, a major recreational and civic place, had been the only urban park in Dinghai for two decades before other parks opened.
Lincheng Sub-District of Dinghai District has been designated by the Zhoushan municipal government as the newly planned and developed center for the city as well as the current municipal seat.
A clear day at Changbai Channel, the channel dividing Changbai Island and Zhoushan Main Island, from the ferry station with the Main Island as background.

Dinghai District administratively consists of 6 sub-districts (街道), 7 towns (镇) and 3 townships (乡), which are listed below.

6 Sub-Districts:

7 Towns:

3 Townships:


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