Prefecture-level city

Location of Jiaxing City jurisdiction in Zhejiang

Location in China

Coordinates: 30°46′N 120°45′E / 30.767°N 120.750°E / 30.767; 120.750
Country China
Province Zhejiang
County-level divisions 7
Township-level divisions 75
  CPC Secretary Lu Jun
  Mayor Hu Haifeng
  Prefecture-level city 4,008.76 km2 (1,547.79 sq mi)
  Urban 986.9 km2 (381.0 sq mi)
  Metro 986.9 km2 (381.0 sq mi)
Population (2010 census)
  Prefecture-level city 4,501,657
  Density 1,100/km2 (2,900/sq mi)
  Urban 1,201,882
  Metro 1,201,882
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Area code(s) 573
GDP $335.3 billion
GDP per capita ¥74,478
License Plate Prefix F
Website http://www.jiaxing.gov.cn/

City Flower Blossom of pomegranate City Tree Camphor laurel

Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Sieb.

"Jiaxing", as written in Chinese
Simplified Chinese 嘉兴
Traditional Chinese 嘉興
Wu Gāshīng [kɑɕiŋ]
Postal Kashing

Jiaxing (Chinese: 嘉兴; pinyin: Jiāxīng; Wu: Gāshīng [kɑɕiŋ]) is a prefecture-level city in northern Zhejiang province, China. Lying on the Grand Canal of China, Jiaxing borders Hangzhou to the southwest, Huzhou to the west, Shanghai to the northeast, and the province of Jiangsu to the north. At the 2010 census, its population was 4,501,657 and its built-up area made of 2 urban districts was home to 1,201,882 inhabitants.[1]


The prefecture-level city of Jiaxing administers 7 county-level divisions, including 2 districts, 3 county-level cities and 2 counties.

Subdivision Hanzi Pinyin
Nanhu District 南湖区 Nánhú Qū
Xiuzhou District 秀洲区 Xiùzhōu Qū
Jiashan County 嘉善县 Jiāshàn Xiàn
Haiyan County 海盐县 Hǎiyán Xiàn
Haining 海宁市 Hǎiníng Shì
Pinghu 平湖市 Pínghú Shì
Tongxiang 桐乡市 Tóngxiāng Shì

These are further divided into 75 township-level divisions, including 60 towns, 2 townships and 13 subdistricts.


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Known as a prefecture


Jiaxing is well known as the 'hometown of silk', hence it is a famous producer of textiles and woollens. It is one of the world's largest exporters of leather goods. There are mechanical, chemical and electronic industries there.

Jiaxing is an important energy base in East China. Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, the first self-designed nuclear power station in China, and Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Plant (under construction) are located in Haiyan County.

South Korea tire maker Hankook Tire has a production facility in Jiaxing Development Zone for cars and light trucks. Hankook Tire (Jiaxing) Co., Limited was opened in 1996.[2]

A Lego factory was build and finished in 2015, special for the Asian market.[3]

Industrial zone

Jiaxing Export Processing Zone

Established in 2003, Jiaxing Export Processing Zone is a state-level export processing zone approved by State Council. It has a built-up area of 2.98 km2. Its development goal is to become the export processing base for IT, IC, mechanical and electrical, electronics and other high-tech industries.[4]



The city is served by two railway stations: Jiaxing Railway Station, on the Shanghai–Kunming Railway, and Jiaxing South Railway Station on the high speed Shanghai–Hangzhou Passenger Railway.

The city is served by two long-distance bus stations: Jiaxing North Bus Station and the new Jiaxing Transportation Center.

Jiaxing is on the G92 Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway, G60 Shanghai–Kunming Expressway and China National Highway 320.

Jiaxing's local air force base is being converted to a public-use airport.[5]

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs across Jiaxing.


Jiaxing dialect is a Northern Wu dialect in the Sujiahu dialect grouping. As such, it is a sister dialect of both Shanghainese and Suzhou dialect, and easily intelligible with both. It is not mutually intelligible with Mandarin or other varieties of Chinese such as Cantonese or Hakka.

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