Cangnan County

 Cangnan County  (Chinese: 苍南县; pinyin: cāngnán xiàn) is a county in the prefecture-level city of Wenzhou in the southern Zhejiang. The county government is in Lingxi. Cangnan has 20 towns, 14 townships, and 2 nationality townships. The predominant Chinese dialect spoken in Cangnan is Zhenan Min, but other dialects, such as Wenzhou dialect, and Jinxiang dialect are also spoken.

Coordinates: 27°31′00″N 120°25′30″E / 27.51667°N 120.42500°E / 27.51667; 120.42500


A seaside temple near Pacao

The sixth national census in 2010 concluded that Cangnan County has a resident population of 1,184,600 people as compared to the result of 1,167,600 people that was calculated by the fifth national census on November 1, 2000. A total population increase of 17,000 people with an increase rate of 1.46% was reached during the period of 2000 to 2010 with an average annual growth rate of 0.15%.[1]


The overall industrial economy of Cangnan County maintained a smooth operation in 2013. The annual total industrial output value of 67,976,000,000 RMB was achieved in 2013, of which more than 24,938,000,000 RMB of industrial output value was reached. This was following by the completion of a planned industrial investment of 7,741,000,000 RMB. As the traditional-manufacturing industry has not yet fully regained its vitality in 2013 after it experienced its declining, a new force of 37 high-tech enterprises suddenly rose in Cangnan County, which gave Cangnan County a strong boost in its development of industrial economy in 2013. As the result, the annual total industrial output value of 3,751,000,000 RMB with an increase rate 0f 26.55% were achieved by the year of 2013. As compared to the year of 2012, there were six more companies were found in 2013. Cangnan County had one company achieved an industrial output value over 500,000 RMB, two companies over 300,000 RMB, and four companies over their first billion RMB.[2]

Historical sites


Dayu Bay near Chixi

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