Battle of Zanzur

Battle of Zanzur
Part of the Italo-Turkish War
Date8 June 1912
LocationJanzour, Ottoman Empire (now Libya)
Result Italian victory[1]
Kingdom of Italy Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Carlo Caneva
12,000[1] 14,000 Turks & Arabs[2]
Casualties and losses
320 killed 1,000-1,400 killed[1][2]

The Battle of Zanzur or Battle of Janzur, also known as the Battle of Sidi Abdel Jalil (Arabic: معركة سيدي عبد الجليل), occurred in Janzour in 1912 on the eighth day of June during the Italo-Turkish War. The battle took place between Italians and Ottoman forces and the Libyan resistance.


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Coordinates: 32°49′02″N 13°00′40″E / 32.8172°N 13.0111°E / 32.8172; 13.0111

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