Battle of Kuwayfia

Battle of Kuwayfia
Part of the Italo-Turkish War
Date28 November 1911
LocationBenghazi, Ottoman Empire (now Libya)
Result Italian Victory
Kingdom of Italy Italy  Ottoman Empire
Senussi Order
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Italy Carlo D'Amico Unknown
Casualties and losses
21 dead
50 injured
150 dead

The Battle of Kuwayfia in Benghazi, was fought on 28 November 1911 as part of the Italo-Turkish War.


In November 1911, about a month after the occupation of Benghazi, a patrol of Italian cavalry was attacked by fighters loyal to the Senussi Order in Kuwayfia.[1] On 28 November, a column commanded by General Carlo D'Amico, a battalion of 68th infantry, two squadrons, and two batteries, the Italians developed a punitive expedition against the village of Kuwayfia. When they arrived, the column was attacked by strong Turkish masses, also hit by artillery fire, were forced to fall back. The column, in the oasis entrance, was subject to a new assault, which was repelled. By the end of the battle, the Italian casualties were 21 dead and fifty wounded, those of the Ottoman-Senussi side were estimated at around 150 deaths over the wounded.

As a result of the victory, General D'Amico was awarded a Cross of the Military Order of Savoy.[2]


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