Battle of Derna (1912)

This article is about the battle in the Italo-Turkish war. For the battle in the 19th century, see Battle of Derna.
Battle of Sidi Abdullah
Part of the Italo-Turkish War
Date3 March 1912
LocationDerna, Ottoman Empire (now Libya)
Result Tactical Ottoman-Senussi victory
Kingdom of Italy Italy  Ottoman Empire
Senussi Order
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Italy Luigi Capello Ottoman Empire Enver Pasha
Ahmed Sharif as-Senussi
6,000 9,000
Casualties and losses
150 killed
195 wounded[1]
63 killed
168 wounded

The Battle of Derna, also known as the Battle of Sidi Abdullah (Arabic: معركة سيدي عبد الله), occurred near Derna in 3 March 1912, within the scope of Italo-Turkish War. The battle took place between the Italians led by Luigi Capello and Ottoman-Senussi Forces led by Enver Pasha and Ahmed Sharif as-Senussi.


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