Battle of Köbölkút

Battle of Köbölkút
Part of the Austro-Turkish War (1663-1664)
DateAugust 6, 1663
LocationKöbölkút, Hungary (present-day Gbelce, Slovakia)
Result Ottoman victory
Habsburg Monarchy
Kingdom of Hungary
Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Ádám Forgách Köprülü Fazıl Ahmed
30,000 + 14,250
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Battle of Köbölkút (Slovak: Gbelce) was fought on August 5, 1663 as part of the Austro-Turkish War (1663-1664), between a Habsburg army and an Ottoman army under the command of Grand Vizier Köprülü Fazıl Ahmed. The battle took place near Köbölkút in present-day Slovakia and was an absolute Ottoman victory.


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