List of Ottoman battles in the 20th century

List of the Ottoman battles in the 20th century refers the battles involving the Ottoman Empire prior to the World War I and with blue link. (For those bhose battles in the World War I see List of Ottoman battles in the World War I).

The table

Blue in the following table represents naval engagement.

Date Battle Opponent War
28 September 1911 PrevezaItalyItalo-Turkish War
28 November 1911KuwayfiaItalyItalo-Turkish War
22 December 1911 TobrukItaly Italo-Turkish War
7 January 1912 Kunfuda BayItaly Italo-Turkish War
24 February 1912 BeirutItaly Italo-Turkish War
3 March 1912DernaItalyItalo-Turkish War
4 May 1912 RhodesItaly Italo-Turkish War
8 June 1912 ZanzurItaly Italo-Turkish War
9 October 1912 SarantaporoGreeceFirst Balkan War
19 October 1912YeniceGreeceFirst Balkan War
21 October 1912Kırcalı (Kardzhali) BulgariaFirst Balkan War
21 October 1912 Beşpınar (Pente Pigadia)GreeceFirst Balkan War
22 October 1912 Sorovich GreeceFirst Balkan War
23 October 1912Kumanovo SerbiaFirst Balkan War
24 October 1912Kirk KiliseBulgariaFirst Balkan War
28 October 1912İşkodra (Scutari) Serbia and MontenegroFirst Balkan War
28 October 1912LüleburgazBulgariaFirst Balkan War
3 November 1912Edirne (Adrianople) BulgariaFirst Balkan War
3 November 1912 Prilep SerbiaFirst Balkan War
5 November 1912 Himara GreeceFirst Balkan War
16 November 1912 MonastirSerbiaFirst Balkan War
4 November 1912 First Çatalca BulgariaFirst Balkan War
21 November 1912 Varna (Kaliakra) Bulgaria First Balkan War
14 November 1912Merhamli BulgariaFirst Balkan War
16 November 1912 İmroz (Elli) Greece First Balkan War
20 December 1912 Korytsa GreeceFirst Balkan War
18 January 1913 Lemnos Greece First Balkan War
26 January 1913 Bolayır BulgariaFirst Balkan War
9 February 1913 ŞarköyBulgariaFirst Balkan War
4 March 1913Bizani GreeceFirst Balkan War
3 March 1913 Second Çatalca BulgariaFirst Balkan War
21 July 1913 Edirne (Adrianople)BulgariaSecond Balkan War

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