Battle of Kurekdere

Battle of Kurekdere
Part of the Crimean War
Date6 August 1854
LocationAlexandropol, Erivan Governorate, Russian Empire
(now Gyumri, Armenia)
Result Russian Victory[1][2]
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire Russia Russian Empire

British wartime reports: 25,000 + 8,000-10,000 irregulars (not engaged),
78 guns[3][4]

Modern estimate: 40,000[5]

21,000, + 4,000 irregulars,
64 guns[3][4]

Modern estimate: 20,000[5]
Casualties and losses

3,500 killed and wounded[6][4]

2,000 captured[6][4]

6,000 fled in dismay[6][4]

the rest were disorganised and retreated[4]
3,000 killed and wounded[3][4]

The Battle of Kurekdere took place in 1854 as part of the Crimean War. It started when the Ottoman army of Kars marched towards Gyumri to attack the Russian force commanded by General Vasili Bebutov, already weakened with detachments. The battle was related with great spirit and the defeat of the Ottoman army by the Russian forces.[1]

In accounting the Russians for the defeat of an army nearly 40,000[5] Ottoman forces of all arms by a hostile force of less than one-half that number, it is not sufficient to say that the management of the whole battle on the side of the Turks was a series of blunders from the first to last, strategical errors might have protracted the mission and have added to the cost of a victory.[1][7] Four months after the battle of Kurekdere no military operations took place. Some European officers there were strongly advised a forward movement on Tiflis.[1]


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