Battle of Kulevicha

Battle of Kulevicha
Part of the Russo-Turkish War
Date11 June 1829
LocationKulevicha, Ottoman Empire (today Kyulevcha, Bulgaria)
Result Russian victory
Russian Empire Russian Empire
Moldavia Moldavia
Wallachia Wallachia
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Hans Karl von Diebitsch Reşid Mehmed Pasha
50,000 Russians
7,000 Moldavians and Wallachians
Casualties and losses
1,000 killed and wounded 5,000 killed

The Battle of Kulevicha, also known as the Battle of Kulewtscha, was fought during the Russo-Turkish War, 1828-1829 on June 11, 1829 between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.

The Russians were led by Hans Karl von Diebitsch (German-born general serving the Russian Empire), while the Ottomans were led by Reşid Mehmed Pasha (Georgian-born general enslaved as a child by the Ottomans) with the objective of relieving Varna. The Russians were victorious.


Coordinates: 43°15′26″N 27°6′58″E / 43.25722°N 27.11611°E / 43.25722; 27.11611

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