Accessory cuneate nucleus

Accessory cuneate nucleus

Section of the medulla oblongata at about the middle of the olive. (Accessory cuneate nucleus is not labeled, but cuneate nucleus is labeled at upper right, and the accessory cuneate nucleus would be found lateral to it.)
Part of Medulla oblongata
Latin nucleus cuneatus accessorius
NeuroNames hier-765
NeuroLex ID Accessory cuneate nucleus
TA A14.1.04.209
FMA 72603

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The accessory cuneate nucleus is located lateral to the cuneate nucleus in the medulla oblongata at the level of the sensory decussation (the crossing fibers of the posterior column/medial lemniscus tract).

It receives input from cervical spinal nerves and transmits that information to the cerebellum.[1]

These fibers are called cuneocerebellar (cuneate nucleus -> cerebellum) fibers.

In this function, the accessory cuneate nucleus is the upper extremity equivalent of Clarke's column.[1]

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