2000–06 Shebaa Farms conflict

Shebaa Farms conflict
Part of the Israeli–Lebanese conflict

Tel Faher mine fields, Golan Heights, with the Sheeba Farms in the background (2009)
Date7 October 2000 – 12 July 2006
LocationShebaa Farms, Golan Heights-Lebanon border
Israel Hezbollah
Commanders and leaders
Ehud Barak
Ariel Sharon
Ehud Olmert
Hassan Nasrallah
Imad Mughniyah
Casualties and losses
16 killed
37 wounded
2 captured
Total losses unknown
2 leaders killed
At the very least 13 militants killed
9 Israeli civilians killed and 8 wounded
Unknown Lebanese civilian casualties
1 Syrian soldier killed and 7 wounded
1 Lebanese soldier wounded
1 French UNIFIL soldier killed
Map of the Sheeba Farms
Memorial in Petah Tikva to 3 IDF soldiers, killed and kidnapped by hezbollah in October 2000.

The 2000–2006 Shebaa Farms conflict was a low level border conflict consisting of Hezbollah rocket and mortar attacks on the Israeli Defense Forces and IDF artillery barrages and air strikes in Southern Lebanon. Clashes followed the withdrawal of Israeli troops from South Lebanon in 2000, which Hezbollah viewed as incomplete due to the presence of Israeli troops in the disputed Shebaa farms. Fighting came to an end after the 2006 Lebanon War.

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