World Psychiatric Association

The World Psychiatric Association is an international umbrella organisation of psychiatric societies.

Objectives and goals

Originally created to produce world psychiatric congresses, it has evolved to hold regional meetings, to promote professional education and to set ethical, scientific and treatment standards for psychiatry.


Jean Delay was the first president of the organisation when it was started in 1950. Donald Ewen Cameron became the second president at the formal founding in 1961. Pedro Ruiz is president as of 2011.[1][2]

1950 Paris Jean Delay (France)
1957 Zurich Jean Delay (France)
1961 Montreal D. Ewen Cameron (Canada)
1966 Madrid Juan J. López-Ibor (Spain)
1972 Mexico City Howard Rome (USA)
1977 Hawaii Pierre Pichot (France)
1983 Vienna Costas Stefanis (Greece)
1989 Athens Jorge A. Costa e Silva (Brazil)
1993 Rio de Janeiro Felice Lieh-Mak (Hong Kong)
1996 Madrid Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)
1999 Hamburg Juan J. López-Ibor, Jr. (Spain)
2002 Yokohama Ahmed Okasha (Egypt)
2005 Cairo Juan Mezzich (Peru)
2008 Prague Mario Maj (Italy)
2011 Buenos Aires Pedro Ruiz (USA)
2014 Madrid Dinesh Bhugra (U.K.)


The institutional members of the World Psychiatric Association are 135 national psychiatric societies representing more than 180,000 psychiatrists worldwide.[3] The societies are clustered into 18 Zones and 5 Regions: the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific. Representatives of the societies constitute the World Psychiatric Association General Assembly, the governing body of the organization. The association also has individual members and there are provisions for affiliation of other associations (e.g., those dealing with a particular topic in psychiatry).


The official publication of the association is World Psychiatry.[4]


The association has helped establish a code of professional ethics for psychiatrists. The association has also looked into charges regarding China's treatment of the Falun Gong.


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