Indian Psychiatric Society

Indian Psychiatric Society
Type NGO
Purpose Professional Association
Region served
Secretary General
Dr. Gautam Saha
Leader 'Dr. G. Prasad Rao'(President)
Key people
T S Sathyanarayana Rao (Editor, IJP)
Main organ
Executive Council
Website Official website
Formerly called
Royal Medico Psychological Association

Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) is the largest association of Indian Psychiatrists. It was founded in 1929 under the banner of Royal Medico Psychological Association. Its current president is Dr G. Prasad Rao.[1]


One of the earlier iterations of the organisation holds its origins in 1929, when Berkeley Hill founded the Indian Association for Mental Hygiene. In 1935, the Indian division of the Royal Medico Psychological Association was formed due to the efforts of Banarasi Das. In 1946, Dr. Nagendra Nath De consulted Major R. B. Davis of the Hospital for Mental Disease, Kanke, Ranchi and Brigadier T. A. Munro, Advisor in Psychiatry to the Indian Army and decided to revive the association. Due to their efforts, the Indian Psychiatric Society was inaugurated.

Indian Journal of Psychiatry

The IPS operates the Indian Journal of Psychiatry whose chief editor is Dr. TS Sathyanarayana Rao. It has for once discussed the widely held practice of covert medication in its July 2012 issue of its publication due to the effort of Anirudh Kala.[2]

Overview & Objectives

IPS is the largest professional body of psychiatry in India, whose stated aim is to:


The Indian Psychiatric Society is publishing its own journal, Indian Journal of Psychiatry.


It was reported in 2013 that the then-incoming president of IPS, Indira Sharma had delivered a speech which recommended marrying off men at a younger age to prevent sexual crimes against women.[3][4] Subsequently, it was also reported that high-ranking IPS officials were ordering IPS members to abstain from communicating with media houses to prevent any further controversy and negative press.[5] The IPS officials also convened a meeting to discuss whether to publish her speech on the IPS website, or to censor the controversial sections.

At the January 2014 annual meeting of the Indian Psychiatric Society, and in subsequent remarks to the press, Dr. Sharma, then the Immediate Past President, engendered even more controversy by stating that homosexuality was unnatural, homosexuals can be cured, and that - by talking openly about sex - homosexuals were making everyone else uncomfortable. In response, the IPS has stated that Dr. Sharma's views are not to be construed as the professional stance of the Society.


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