World Armwrestling Federation

World Armwrestling Federation
Abbreviation WAF
Formation 1977
Type Sports organization
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
80 countries[1]
Official language
Assen Hadjitodorov

The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is an international federation of national and regional arm wrestling associations. Currently, WAF have members from 80 countries.

WAF members

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Association Continent Website
Afghanistan Afghanistan Asia N/A
Albania Albania Europe N/A
Argentina Argentina South America
Armenia Armenia Europe N/A
Australia Australia Oceania
Austria Austria Europe N/A
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Europe
Belarus Belarus Europe N/A
Belgium Belgium Europe N/A
Bolivia Bolivia South America N/A
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia Europe N/A
Brazil Brazil South America
Bulgaria Bulgaria Europe
Cameroon Cameroon Africa N/A
Canada Canada North America
China China Asia N/A
Chile Chile South America N/A
Colombia Colombia South America N/A
Croatia Croatia Europe
Czech Republic Czech Republic Europe
Denmark Denmark Europe N/A
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic North America N/A
Egypt Egypt Africa N/A
United Kingdom England Europe
Estonia Estonia Europe
Finland Finland Europe N/A
France France Europe N/A
Georgia (country) Georgia Europe N/A
Germany Germany Europe
Greece Greece Europe N/A
Greenland Greenland Europe N/A
Hungary Hungary Europe
Iceland Iceland Europe N/A
India India Asia
Indonesia Indonesia Asia N/A
Iran Iran Asia N/A
Iraq Iraq Asia N/A
Israel Israel Europe
Italy Italy Europe
Japan Japan Asia

Association Continent Website
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Asia N/A
South Korea South Korea Asia
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Asia N/A
Latvia Latvia Europe
Lithuania Lithuania Europe N/A
Malaysia Malaysia Asia N/A
Mali Mali Africa N/A
Mexico Mexico North America N/A
Moldova Moldova Europe N/A
Mongolia Mongolia Asia N/A
Morocco Morocco Africa N/A
Nepal Nepal Asia N/A
Netherlands Netherlands Europe N/A
New Zealand New Zealand Oceania
Nigeria Nigeria Africa N/A
Norway Norway Europe
Poland Poland Europe
Pakistan Pakistan Asia
State of Palestine Palestine Asia N/A
Romania Romania Europe

World Armwrestling Championships

World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is the international governing organization for the sport of ARMWRESTLING established in 1977. WAF is WADA Code Compliant. The WAF is main organizer of the World Armwrestling Championships, which is held every year. Official programme has 36 events for senior athletes.[2]


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