International Handball Federation

International Handball Federation (IHF)

Logo of IHF
Formation 11 July 1946
Type Sport federation
Headquarters Basel, Switzerland
Region served
204 National Federations
Official language
English, French and German
Dr. Hassan Moustafa Egypt
1st Vice-President
Mr. Miguel Roca Mas Spain
Mr. Bader Al-Theyab Kuwait
Mr. Mario Moccia Argentina
Mr. Michael Wiederer Austria
Dr. Mansourou A. Aremou Benin

The International Handball Federation (IHF) is the administrative and controlling body for handball, beach handball, wheelchair handball and snow handball. IHF has 204 national member federations.


The IHF was founded on July 11, 1946, in Copenhagen (Denmark) by representatives of 8 national federations. The founding members are Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. In 1954, the first IHF Men's World Championship, was conducted under the command of the IHF, in Sweden with the participation of 6 national teams. In 1957, the first IHF Women's World Handball Championship was held in Yugoslavia with the participation of 9 national teams. The Olympic Games they have seen for the first time in its agenda a Handball tournament from Munich 1972 (men's tournament) and Montreal 1976 (women's tournament).


The IHF is composed of five continental federations which organize continental championships held every other second year: Asian Handball Federation, African Handball Confederation, Pan-American Team Handball Federation, European Handball Federation and Oceania Handball Federation. In addition to continental competitions between national teams, the federations arrange international tournaments between club teams.[1] The federations and their corresponding tournaments and members are summarize in the following table:

International Handball Federation (IHF)
Championship IHF World Men's Handball ChampionshipIHF World Women's Handball Championship
Club IHF Super Globe
Members 204 National Federations


Asia – Asian Handball Federation (AHF)
Championship Asian Women's Handball ChampionshipAsian Men's Handball Championship
Club Asian Club League Handball Championship


Africa – African Handball Confederation (CAHB)
Championship African Men's Handball ChampionshipAfrican Women's Handball Championship
Club Women


Americas – Pan-American Team Handball Federation (PATHF)
Championship Pan American Men's Handball ChampionshipPan American Women's Handball Championship
Club Pan American Men's Club Handball ChampionshipPan American Women's Club Handball Championship


Oceania – Oceania Handball Federation (OHF)
Championship Oceania Handball Nations Cup - Pacific Handball Cup - Oceania Beach Handball Championship
Club Oceania Handball Champions Cup - Oceania Women's Handball Champions Cup


Europe – European Handball Federation (EHF)
Championship European Women's Handball ChampionshipEuropean Men's Handball Championship
Club Women

IHF Presidents

S. No.NameCountryTerm
1. Mr. Gösta Björk Sweden1946-1950
2.Mr. Hans Baumann  Switzerland1950-1971
3.Mr. Paul Högberg Sweden1971-1984
4.Mr. Erwin Lanc Austria1984-2000
5.Dr. Hassan Moustafa Egypt2000 - Till Date

IHF Secretary Generals

S. No. Name Country Term
1. Mr. Carl Filip Borgh  Sweden 1946 - 1950
2. Mr. Albert Wagner   Switzerland 1950 - 1972
3. Mr. Max Rinkenburger  Germany 1972 - 1988
4. Mr. Raymond Hahn  France 1988 - 2004
5. Mr. Peter Mühlematter   Switzerland 2004 - 2009
6. Mr. Joel Delplanque  France 2009 - 2011
No elections were held since 2011

IHF Executive Committee

Designation Name Country
President Dr. Hassan Moustafa  Egypt
1st Vice President Mr. Miguel Roca Mas  Spain
Executive Members Mr. Joel Delplanque  France
Mr. Frantisek Taborsky  Czech Republic

IHF Council

Designation Name Country
President Dr. Hassan Moustafa  Egypt
1st Vice President Mr. Miguel Roca Mas  Spain
Vice Presidents Mr. Bader Al-Theyab  Kuwait
Mr. Mario Moccia  Argentina
Mr. Michael Wiederer  Austria
Dr. Mansourou Aremou  Benin
Treasurer Mr. Sandi Sola  Croatia
Executive Members Mr. Joel Delplanque  France
Mr. Frantisek Taborsky  Czech Republic
Chairman of IHF Playing Rules and Referees Commission Mr. Manfred Prause  Germany
Chairman of IHF Commission for Development Mr. Rafael Sepulveda  Puerto Rico
Chairman of IHF Medical Commission Dr. François Gnamian  Ivory Coast
Representative AsiaMr. Yoshihide Watanabe  Japan
Representative AfricaMr. Charles Omboumahou  Republic of the Congo
Representative EuropeMr. Predrag Bošković  Montenegro
Representative Pan-AmericaMr. Mario Garcia de la Torre  Mexico
Representative OceaniaMr. Ricardo Blas  Guam

IHF Commissions

Commission Chairman Country
IHF Commission of Organizing and Competitions Mr. Per Bertelsen  Denmark
IHF Playing Rules and Referees Commission Mr. Manfred Prause  Germany
IHF Commission of Coaching and Methods Mr. Dietrich Späte  Germany
IHF Medical Commission Dr. François Gnamian  Ivory Coast
IHF Commission for Development Mr. Rafael Sepulveda  Puerto Rico
IHF Arbitration Commission Mr. Velimir Marjanović  Serbia
IHF Arbitration Tribunal Mr. Zoran Radojičić  Montenegro
IHF Ethic Commission Mr. Göran Petersson  Sweden

IHF Honorary Members

Designation Name Country
Honorary President Mr. Erwin Lanc  Austria
Honorary Secretary General Mr. Raymond Hahn  France
Honorary Members Mr. Christer Ahl  United States
Mr. Oivind Bolstad  Norway
Mr. Tadeusz Bregula  Poland
Mr. Hermann Brunner  Costa Rica
Mr. Alberto de San Roman y de la Fuente  Spain
Mr. Jean-Michel Germain  France
Mr. Rudi Glock  Germany
Mr. Janis Grinbergas  Lithuania
Mr. Karl Güntzel   Switzerland
Mr. Jörgen Holmqvist  Sweden
Dr. Jiri Jeschke  Czech Republic
Mr. Chong-Ha Kim  South Korea
Dr. Gijs Langevoort  Netherlands
Dr. Jaroslav Mraz  Czech Republic
Mr. Peter Mühlematter   Switzerland
Ms. Carin Nilsson Green  Sweden
Dr. Nabil Salem  Egypt
Mr. Kjartan K. Steinbach  Iceland
Mr. Ulrich Strombach  Germany
Mr. Heinz Suter   Switzerland
Mr. Otto Schwarz   Switzerland
Dr. Walter Schwedhelm  Canada
Mr. J. Henrik K. Vænerberg  Finland
Mr. Christophe Yapo Achy  Ivory Coast

IHF Tournaments

World National Championship
Multi-Sport Events
World Club Championship

Title holders

Nations (Handball)

Tournament Men Women Men's U-21 Women's U-20 Men's U-19 Women's U-18
World Championship  France (2015).(5*)  Norway (2015).(3)  France (2015).(1)  Denmark (2016).(2)  France (2015).(1)  Russia (2016).(2*)
Olympics  Denmark (2016).(1)  Russia (2016).(3) N/A
Emerging Nations  Faroe Islands (2015).(1*) N/A
Olympic Youth N/A  Slovenia (2014).(1)  South Korea (2014).(1)
IHF Inter-Continental Trophy N/A N/A  Faroe Islands  Guadeloupe N/A

Continental Title Holders

Commission Men Women Men's U-20 Women's U-19 Men's U-18 Women's U-17
Africa (CAHB)  Egypt (2016).(6)  Tunisia (2014).(3)  Egypt (2014).(11*)  Angola (2015).(8*)  Egypt (2014).(5*)  Egypt (2015).(1)
America (PATHF)  Brazil (2016).(3)  Brazil (2015).(9*)  Brazil (2013).(5)  Brazil (2014).(7*)  Brazil (2014).(5)  Brazil (2014).(10*)
Asia (AHF)  Qatar (2014).(1)  South Korea (2015).(13*)  Qatar (2014).(4)  South Korea (2015).(14*)  South Korea (2014).(2*)  South Korea (2015).(6*)
Europe (EHF)  Germany (2016).(2)  Norway (2014).(6*)  Germany (2014).(3)  Denmark (2015).(4*)  France (2014).(1)  Denmark (2015).(3*)
Euro Olympic Youth N/A  France (2015).(2)  Russia (2015).(5*)
European Open Youth N/A  Iceland (2015).(1)  Sweden (2016).(1)
Oceania (OCHF)  Australia (2014).(8*)  Australia (2013).(6*)  French Polynesia (2014).(1)  New Zealand (2014).(1)  New Zealand (2011).(1) N/A
Pacific (OCHF)  Australia (2006).(2*)  New Caledonia (2007).(1) N/A

Nations (Beach Handball)

Beach handball Men Women
World Championship  Croatia (2016).(2*)  Spain (2016).(1*)
Pan-America (PATHF)  United States (2016).(1)  Uruguay (2016) .(2)
Asia (AHF) (M) (W)  Qatar (2015).(3*)  Thailand (2015).(2*)
Europe (EHF)  Croatia (2015).(4*)  Hungary (2015).(2)
Oceania (OCHF)  Australia (2016).(2*)  Australia (2016).(2*)


IHF Tournament Men Women
Handball Club World Cup Germany Füchse Berlin (2015) N/A
African Champions League (M) (W) Egypt Zamalek Sports Club (2015) Angola 1º de Agosto (2015)
Panamerican Clubs Championship Brazil Handebol Clube Taubaté (2016) N/A
Asian Club League Qatar Lekhwiya Handball Club (2015) N/A
EHF Champions League (M) (W) Poland Vive Targi Kielce (2016) Romania CSM București (2016)
Oceania Club Champions Cup (M) (W) Australia Sydney University Handball Club (2016) French Polynesia A.S Dragon (2010)

Combined medal table

This table shows all medals by country, in all International Handball Federation Team Handball national competitions. This table does not include medals won at club level and Beach Handball.

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union 207431
2  Russia 179228
3  Denmark 16141040
4  France 107623
5  Sweden 9101029
6  Yugoslavia 981229
7  Germany 87924
8  Romania 831021
9  Norway 67922
10  South Korea 510722
11  East Germany 45514
12  Croatia 45312
13  Spain 26614
14  Czechoslovakia 24410
15  Egypt 2114
16  Hungary 19818
17  Serbia 1203
18  Slovenia 1124
19  Brazil 1012
20  Iceland 0224
21  Austria 0213
22  Poland 0156
23  Netherlands 0112
 Montenegro 0112
 Bulgaria 0112
24  Ukraine 0101
 Qatar 0101
 Lithuania 0101
25   Switzerland 0011
 Tunisia 0011
 Portugal 0011
 China 0011

IHF Awards

The IHF issues awards to organisations and individuals in recognition of their particular contribution to developing the sport of handball and the IHF.

These awards are:



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