Title 2 of the United States Code

Title 2 of the United States Code outlines the role of Congress in the United States Code.[1]

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Election of Senators and Representatives

Omitted sections: 2, 3, & 4.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Organization of Congress

Repealed section: 25b.
Omitted sections: 29b, & 29c.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Compensation and Allowances of Members

Omitted sections: 42a-1, 42b 43, 43a, 44, 45, 46, 46a-2, 46a-4.
Repealed sections: 31-1, 31a, 31b-3, 31b-6, 31c, 38, 41, 42, 42c, 42d, 43b, 43b-1, 43c, 46a-3, 46b, 46b-2, 46c, 46d, 64d-2, 46d-3, 46d-4, 46d-5, 46e, 46f, 46f-1, 46g, 46g-1, 46h, 46i, 52, 53, 56, 58b, 58c-1, & 59a.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4—Officers and Employees of Senate and House of Representatives

Chapter 5

Chapter 5--Library of Congress

Chapter 6

Chapter 6—Congressional And Committee Procedure; Investigations

Chapter 7

Chapter 7--Contested Elections

Chapter 8

Chapter 8--Federal Corrupt Practices

Chapter 8a

Chapter 8a—Regulation of Lobbying

Chapter 9

Chapter 9--Office of Legislative Counsel

Chapter 9a

Chapter 9a--Office of Law Revision Counsel

Chapter 9b

Chapter 9b--Legislative Classification Office

Chapter 9c

Chapter 9c--Office of Parliamentarian of House of Representatives

Chapter 9d

Chapter 9d--Office of Senate Legal Counsel

Chapter 10

Chapter 10—Classification of Employees of House of Representatives

Chapter 10a

Chapter 10a—Payroll Administration in House of Representatives

Chapter 11

Chapter 11--Citizens' Commission on Public Service and Compensation

Chapter 12

Chapter 12—Contested Elections

Chapter 13

Chapter 13--Joint Committee on Congressional Operations

Chapter 14

Chapter 14--Federal Election Campaigns

Chapter 15

Chapter 15--Office of Technology Assessment

Chapter 16

Chapter 16—Congressional Mailing Standards

Chapter 17

Chapter 17--Congressional Budget Office

Chapter 17A

Chapter 17A—Congressional Budget And Fiscal Operations

Chapter 17b

Chapter 17b--Impoundment Control And Line Item Veto

Chapter 18

Chapter 18—Legislative Personnel Financial Disclosure Requirements

Chapter 19

Chapter 19--Congressional Award Program

Chapter 19a

Chapter 19a--John Heinz Competitive Excellence Award

Chapter 20

Chapter 20--Emergency Powers to Eliminate Budget Deficits

Chapter 21

Chapter 21—Civic Achievement Award Program in Honor of Office of Speaker of House of Representatives

Chapter 22

Chapter 22--John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development

Chapter 22a

Chapter 22a--Center for Russian Leadership Development

Chapter 23

Chapter 23—Government Employee Rights

Chapter 24

Chapter 24—Congressional Accountability

Chapter 25

Chapter 25--Unfunded Mandates Reform

Chapter 26

Chapter 26--Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

Chapter 27

Chapter 27—Sound Recording Preservation by the Library of Congress


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