Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico

Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico
Pedro Pierluisi

since January 3, 2009
Residence San Juan, Puerto Rico
Term length Four years, renewable
Inaugural holder Federico Degetau
Formation January 2, 1900

The Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Comisionado Residente de Puerto Rico) is a non-voting member of the United States House of Representatives elected by the voters of Puerto Rico every four years. The commissioner is the only member of the House of Representatives who serves a four-year term and functions in every respect as a congressman except being denied a vote on the final disposition of legislation on the House floor.[1] They are also allowed to serve on congressional committees and enjoy a salary of $174,000 per year.[2]

The current commissioner is Pedro Pierluisi of the New Progressive Party (NPP) and affiliated to the Democratic Party (D) at the national level. Pierluisi is one of four commissioners in the history of Puerto Rico to be elected to at least two four-year terms, equivalent to four congressional two-year terms.

Other U.S. territories have a similar representative position called a "Delegate".

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