Sabzi polo

Sabzi Polo
Place of origin Iran (Persia)
Main ingredients Herbs (parsley, leeks or green onions, cilantro, spinach), dried fenugreek leaves
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Sabzi polo (Persian: سبزی پلو) is an Iranian (Persian) dish of rice and chopped herbs, usually served with fish. In Persian, sabz means green, and sabzi can refer to herbs or vegetables. Polo is a style of cooked rice, known in English as pilaf.

The herbs used in sabzi polo vary, but typically include coriander, dill, chives or scallions, fenugreek, and parsley. It can be done from both, fresh and dried herbs.

Iranians traditionally eat sabzi polo with "white fish" for lunch on Nowruz, the Iranian new year, with their family and relatives.

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