Rose Nader

Rose Nader (Arabic: روز نادر) (February 7, 1906 – January 20, 2006; born Rose Bouziane) was the mother of U.S. activist, consumer advocate, and frequent third-party candidate, Ralph Nader and community advocate Shafeek Nader. She was a well-known activist in her hometown of Winsted, Connecticut.

Rose Bouziane was born in Zahlé, Lebanon, to a sheep broker and a teacher. She taught high school French and Arabic, as the first woman teacher to teach outside of her hometown, before she married Nathra Nader in 1925. They immigrated to the United States, and soon settled in Winsted, Connecticut, where Nathra's Main Street bakery/restaurant/general store became a place for residents bemoaning actions or inactions at town hall. With her husband, she authored It Happened in the Kitchen: Recipes for Food and Thought ISBN 0-936758-29-5

She confronted U.S. Senator Prescott Bush (R-CT) in 1955, after a catastrophic flood. Bush was approached by Nader at a public gathering, and offered his hand in an obligatory fashion. Mrs. Nader continued to 'shake' his hand, all the while giving him examples of why a dam is needed, until he promised to help a dry-dam proposal move forward. Her request was fulfilled. Later, she advocated building a community center for children, forming a speakers club that would bring worldly lecturers to the town, and expanding and preserving a local health center.

Occasionally, Mrs. Nader used newspaper opinion pages to express her views. Writing in the New York Times in 1982, she denounced the use of "credibility phrases" such as "frankly", "to tell you the truth" and "in all honesty" that sometimes came before a political statement or sales pitch. They gave her "the pervasive feeling that distrust is so widespread that people need to use such language to be believed."

Nader died at the age of 99 on January 20, 2006, from congestive heart failure. Soon after, a memorial was held and her son Ralph was among those who addressed the gathering. In reference to her as a mother, he called her "our anchor, compass and vision." The family of Mrs. Nader gave rosebushes to those of Winsted who have fond memories of Mrs. Nader as a teacher, friend and wonderful person. These bushes amount to a total of 100.

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