Puzur-Ashur II

Puzur-Ashur II or Puzur-Aššur II was the Išši’ak Aššur ("Steward of Assur") of the Old Assyrian Empire for eight years between 1865 BCE and 1857 BCE. Puzur-Ashur II had been both the son and successor of Sargon I. Due to Sargon I's long reign, Puzur-Ashur II came to the throne at a late age since one of his sons, named Ili-bani, was a witness in a contract (and so already a grown man) eleven years before Puzur-Ashur II became ruler. Puzur-Ashur II was succeeded by his son Naram-Sin. The following is a list of the nine annually-elected "limmu" ("eponym") officials from the year of accession of Puzur-Ashur II, the "waklum" ("overseer"), in the limmu of Ashur-iddin (son of Shuli) to Puzur-Ashur II's death in the limmu of Inaya (son of Amuraya.)[1] BC dates are based on a date of 1833 BC for the recorded solar eclipse in the limmu of Puzur-Ištar:[2]

1865 BC Aššur-iddin son of Šuli
1864 BC Aššur-nada son of Puzur-Ana
1863 BC Kubia son of Karria
1862 BC Ili-dan son of Elali
1861 BC Ṣilulu son of Uku
1860 BC Aššur-nada son of Ili-binanni
1859 BC Ikuppi-Ištar son of Ikua
1858 BC Buzutaya son of Šuli
1857 BC Innaya son of Amuraya


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Sargon I
Išši’ak Aššur
1865 BC — 1857 BC
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