Philippine legislative election, 1935

Philippine legislative election, 1935
September 16, 1935

All 89 seats in the National Assembly of the Philippines
45 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Gil Montilla
Party Nacionalista Democratico Nacionalista Democrata Pro-Independencia
Leader's seat Negros Occidental–3rd
Last election 70 19
Seats won 64 19
Seat change Decrease 6 Steady

Speaker before election

Quintín Paredes

Elected Speaker

Gil Montilla

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The Elections for the Members of the National Assembly were held on September 16, 1935, pursuant to the Tydings–McDuffie Act which established the Commonwealth of the Philippines The leaders of the ruling Nacionalista Party, Manuel Quezon and Sergio Osmeña reconciled and became running mates in the presidential election but their supporters, the Democraticos and the Democrata Pro-Independencias respectively, effectively were two separate parties at the National Assembly elections.

With the Senate abolished, the National Assembly became a unicameral legislature.


64 19 6
1 Independents
 Summary of the September 16, 1935 Philippine National Assembly election results
Party Seats won
Total % +/
Nacionalista Democratico 64 71.91% Decrease 2
Nacionalista Democrata Pro-Independencia 19 21.35% Steady
Independent 6 6.74% Increase 6
Total 89 100% Decrease 3
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