Minority Floor Leader of the Senate of the Philippines

Minority Floor Leader of the Senate of the Philippines
Ralph Recto

since July 25, 2016
Style The Honorable
Appointer Elected by the Senate of the Philippines
Inaugural holder Claro M. Recto
Formation 1931
Website Senate of the Philippines
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The Minority leader of the Senate, also called as the Senate Minority Floor Leader, is the leader elected by the minority political grouping of the Senate of the Philippines to serve as their official leader in the body and fulfill the responsibilities of a Floor Leader. He manages the business of the minority in the Senate. He is expected to defend the minority’s parliamentary rights, to criticize the policies and programs of the majority, and to use parliamentary tactics to defeat, pass, or amend legislation.

The current Minority Floor Leader of the Senate is Ralph Recto,

List of Minority Floor Leaders

# Senate President Party Legislature Start of service End of service Era
1 Claro M. Recto Nacionalista 9th Philippine Legislature 1931 1934 Insular Government
10th Philippine Legislature 1934 1935
1st Commonwealth Congress 1945 1946 Commonwealth
2nd Commonwealth Congress 1946 1946
2 Carlos P. Garcia Nacionalista 1st Congress 1946 1949 Third Republic
2nd Congress 1950 1953
3 Lorenzo Tañada NCP 3rd Congress 1954 1957
4 Ambrosio Padilla Liberal 4th Congress 1958 1960
5 Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. Liberal 1960 1961
6 Estanislao Fernandez Liberal 5th Congress 1962 1965
7 Ambrosio Padilla (2nd time) Liberal 6th Congress 1966 1969
8 Gerardo Roxas Liberal 7th Congress 1970 1972
9 Juan Ponce Enrile Nacionalista 8th Congress 1987 1991 Fifth Republic
10 Wigberto Tañada Liberal 1991 1992
9th Congress 1992 1995
10th Congress 1995 1995
11 Edgardo Angara LDP 1995 1996
12 Neptali Gonzales LDP 1996 1998
13 Ernesto Maceda, Sr. NPC 1998 1998
14 Teofisto Guingona, Jr. Lakas 11th Congress 1998 2001
15 Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. PDP-LABAN 12th Congress 2001 2002
16 Tito Sotto LDP 2002 2004
17 Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. (2nd time) PDP-LABAN 13th Congress 2004 2007
14th Congress 2007 2010
18 Alan Peter Cayetano Nacionalista 15th Congress 2010 2013
19 Juan Ponce Enrile (2nd time) UNA 16th Congress July 22, 2013 June 30, 2016
Vicente Sotto III (Acting) NPC/UNA July 28, 2014 August 24, 2015
20 Ralph Recto Liberal 17th Congress July 25, 2016 present

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