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Andrija Mandić

since 13 March 2015
Term length While leader of the largest political subject not in government

In Montenegro, the Opposition (Montenegrin: Opozicija / Oпoзициja) is all of the political parties represented in Parliament that are not a part of the Government supported by the parliamentary majority.

The Leader of the Opposition (Montenegrin: Lider opozicije / Лидер опозиције) is the unofficial title held by the leader of the largest party of the opposition.

9th assembly of Montenegrin Parliament

In the 9th assembly of the Montenegrin Parliament (2012–2016), the parties in parliament that include the opposition are:

The leader of the opposition was Miodrag Lekić, leader of the Democratic Front (DF).

Leaders of the Opposition


Date Leader of Opposition Head of Government
Republic of Montenegro, Serbia and Montenegro (1990-2006)
9 December 1990 Ljubiša Stanković SRSJ Milo Đukanović SKCG
20 December 1992 Novak Kilibarda NS DPS
31 May 1998 Momir Bulatović SNP Filip Vujanović
24 September 2000 Predrag Bulatović
20 October 2002 Milo Đukanović
Since Montenegrin Independence (2006-present)
26 November 2006 Srđan Milić SNP Milo Đukanović DPS
10 December 2006 Nebojša Medojević PZP Željko Šturanović
29 February 2008 Milo Đukanović
29 March 2009 Srđan Milić SNP
29 December 2010 Igor Lukšić
14 October 2012 Miodrag Lekić DF Milo Đukanović
13 March 2015 Andrija Mandić

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