Croatian Civic Initiative

Croatian Civic Initiative
Hrvatska građanska inicijativa
President Marija Vučinović
Founded 28 August 2002 (2002-08-28)
Headquarters Luke Tomanovića bb, Tivat, Montenegro
Ideology Croatian minority
Political position Centre-right
Colors Red, white, blue
Parliament of Montenegro
1 / 81
Official website

The Croatian Civic Initiative (Croatian/Montenegrin: Hrvatska građanska inicijativa, HGI, Montenegrin Cyrillic: Хрватска грађанска иницијатива, ХГИ) is a Croat minority political party in Montenegro. The party was formed in 2002. It first participated in local elections in Tivat municipality that year, and established its headquarters in this town. HGI has best electoral results in Boka region, because the Croat minority is concentrated mostly in municipalities of Tivat and Kotor. Marija Vučinović is the party's current president.

At the 2009 legislative elections in Montenegro, Croatian Civic Initiative was a part of victorious Coalition for a European Montenegro, alongside DPS, SDP and BS.

HGI contested the 2012 legislative elections independently, and won 0,4% of votes, gaining one seat in the Parliament, because of the lower electoral threshold envisaged for the Croat minority, which has been set at 0,35%. The party entered a post-election coalition with ruling DPS and SDP. The party's sole current parliamentary representative is Adrijan Vuksanović.

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