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The government of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Влада Црне Горе, Vlada Crne Gore) is the executive branch of state authority in Montenegro. It is headed by the prime minister. It comprises the prime minister, the deputy prime ministers as well as ministers.

The Government building in Podgorica

Duško Marković is the current Prime Minister of Montenegro and Head of Government. The current members of the cabinet were elected on 28 November 2016 by the majority vote in the Parliament of Montenegro. The Cabinet, assembled by Candidate for the Prime Minister Duško Marković, was supported by Democratic Party of Socialists, Social Democrats, Croatian Civic Initiative, Liberal Party, Bosniak Party and Albanians Decisively.


Each minister of each ministry reports to the Prime Minister.


Composition of the 41st Cabinet of Montenegro, elected on 28 November 2016, after the 2016 Montenegrin parliamentary elections.

Office Incumbent Party
Prime Minister Duško Marković DPS
Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System Milutin Simović DPS
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Deputy Prime Minister for Political System, Interior and Foreign Policy Zoran Pažin DPS
Minister of Justice
Deputy Prime Minister for Regional Development Rafet Husović BS
Minister of the Interior Melvudin Nuhodžić DPS
Minister of Defence Predrag Bošković DPS
Minister of Finance Darko Radunović DPS
Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović DPS
Minister of Education Damir Šehović SD
Minister of Science Sanja Damjanović DPS
Minister of Culture Janko Ljumović DPS
Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić DPS
Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurković BS
Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović DPS
Minister of Health Kenan Hrapović SD
Minister of Human and Minority Rights Mehmet Zenka DUA
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Kemal Purišić BS
Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilović DPS
Minister of Sports Nikola Janović DPS
Minister of European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejović DPS
Minister without Portfolio Marija Vučinović HGI

Former Governments



After 2009 Parliamentary election, DPS, SDP, DUA, HGI and BS formed a parliamentary majority, that supported a Government led by Prime Minister Milo Đukanović. This cabinet was approved in the Parliament of Montenegro on 11 June 2009, and was in power until Prime Minister Milo Đukanović resigned on 23 December 2010.


From March 1993 to 1996 the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro reigned alone.


The first Montenegrin government lasted from February 1991 to March 1993. It was solely made by the League of Communists of Montenegro (Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro):

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