Musée Cantonal de Zoologie

The Palais de Rumine hosts the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne, the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, the Cantonal Museum of Archeology and History, the Cantonal Museum of Money, the Cantonal Museum of Geology and the Cantonal Museum of Zoology.
Inside the Cantonal Museum of Zoology.

The Cantonal Museum of Zoology (French: Musée cantonal de zoologie) is a zoology museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.


The museums history dates from 1779 when the "objects" of natural history, in the Académie de Lausanne were “indexed” by Daniel-Alexandre Chavannes.

In 1826, Chavannes vertebrate collection was purchased by L'Etat de Vaud. The museum opened in the Académie de Lausanne in 1833. In 1886, the museum acquired 1,300 specimens bird specimens from Albert Vouga (1829–1896), the author of Album Neuchâtelois. Vues historiques et pittoresques a book of landscape and natural history photography.

Important collections of later date include the ant collection of Auguste Forel and the insect collection of the then Director Jacques Aubert (1916–1995).

The museum moved to its present location Palais de Rumine in 1906.

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