Lac de Sauvabelin

Lac de Sauvabelin
Location Lausanne, Vaud
Coordinates 46°32′15″N 6°38′18″E / 46.53750°N 6.63833°E / 46.53750; 6.63833Coordinates: 46°32′15″N 6°38′18″E / 46.53750°N 6.63833°E / 46.53750; 6.63833
Basin countries Switzerland
Max. length 150 m
Max. width 100 m
Max. depth 1.5 m
Surface elevation 640 m
Islands 1

Lac de Sauvabelin (literally "Lake of Sauvabelin") is an artificial lake in the Sauvabelin forest, above Lausanne, Switzerland.

The city of Lausanne authorized the construction of the lake in 1888.

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