Moldovan parliamentary election, 1998

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Parliamentary elections were held in Moldova on 22 March 1998.[1] The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova emerged as the largest party in Parliament, winning 40 of the 101 seats. However, the Alliance for Democracy and Reforms was formed by the Democratic Convention of Moldova (26 MPs), For a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova (24 MPs) and the Party of Democratic Forces (11 MPs), and held an absolute majority.


Party Votes % Seats
Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova487,00230.0140
Democratic Convention of Moldova315,20619.4226
For a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova294,69118.1624
Party of Democratic Forces143,4288.8411
Democratic Agrarian Party of Moldova58,8743.630
Civic Alliance "Ant" (ACR–UC–PFPM–PCDR–UTM)53,3383.290
Alliance of Democratic Forces (PNŢM–PLM–PNL)36,3442.240
Party of the Socio-Economic Justice of Moldova31,6631.950
Social Democratic Party30,1691.860
Socialist Unity (PSMMUE–UCM–PPV)29,6471.830
Social Democratic Bloc "Hope" (PSDUM–MSN–AFM)21,2821.310
Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova9,5140.590
Reform Party8,8440.540
Christian Democratic Union of Moldova8,3420.540
Invalid/blank votes57,483
Registered voters/turnout2,324,29572.3
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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