Ministry of European Union Affairs

Ministry of European Union Affairs
Avrupa Birliği Bakanlığı
Agency overview
Formed June 29, 2011 (2011-06-29)
Preceding agency
  • General Secretariat of the European Union
Jurisdiction Government of Turkey
Headquarters Mustafa Kemal District
2082nd Street
No: 4 06510
Annual budget ₺291,238,000 (2015)[1]
Minister responsible
  • Ömer Çelik, Minister of European Union Affairs and Chief Negotiator
Agency executives
  • Alaattin Büyükkaya, Deputy Minister
  • Rauf Engin Sosyal, Undersecretary
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The Ministry of European Union Affairs (Turkish: Avrupa Birliği Bakanlığı ) is a ministry of the Turkish government responsible for the accession process between the Republic of Turkey and the European Union. Formed on June 29, 2011, the ministry has been headed by six ministers in the past, namely Egemen Bağış (2011–2013), Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu (2013–2014), Volkan Bozkır (2014-August 2015 and again from November 2015-2016), Ali Haydar Konca (August-September 2015), Beril Dedeoğlu (September-November 2015) and the incumbent Ömer Çelik, in office since 24 May 2016.[2]

The Ministry is responsible for co-ordinating negotiations and accession projects throughout the 81 Provinces of Turkey in order to develop relations between Turkey and the European Union. The Minister responsible concurrently serves as the Chief Negotiator during the accession process.


The Ministry of European Union Affairs operates the following 16 directorates:[3]

Directorate Administration
Management Position
Directorate for Political Affairs Ege Erkoçak Director
Directorate for Accession Policy Elif Kurşunlu Director
Directorate of Sectoral Policies Aylin Çağlayan Özcan Director
Directorate of Social, Regional and Innovative Policies Kayhan Özüm Director
Directorate of Economic and Financial Policies Aylin Sakızlıoğlu Director
Directorate of Single Market and Competition Lale Çelik Director
Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries Gökhan Aralan Director
Directorate of Financial Cooperation Beyza Turan Director
Directorate of Civil Society, Communication and Culture Anıl Turpçu Director
Directorate of Project Implementation Bülent Özcan Director
Directorate of European Union Law Özlen Üstün Kavalalı Director
Directorate of Translation Coordination İlksen Hilâl Tanrıkurt Director
Directorate of Training and Institution Building Osman Düzel Director
Directorate of Research and Documentation Selçuk Bayraktaroğlu Director
Directorate of Administrative Services Mehmet Nuri Erikel
İhsan Kaan Erkman
Mustafa Yılmaz
Head of Department
Head of Department
Department of Strategic DevelopmentBengül Gökcan Head of Department


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