The Mad Mod Witch

The Mad Mod Witch
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance The Unexpected #108 (Aug-Sep 1968)
Created by Dave Wood
Jack Sparling
In-story information
Alter ego
    Supporting character of Dream
    Judge Gallows
    Notable aliases The Fashion Thing, The Mad Yuppie Witch, The Mad Madonna Witch

    The Mad Mod Witch (sometimes called The Fashion Thing) is a DC Comics character created by Dave Wood and Jack Sparling. She starred as host in the feature "Tales of the Mad Mod Witch" in The Unexpected, beginning in issue #108. She was not allowed to take over the book the way many of DC's other horror hosts had been, though she was a consistent presence from 1968–1974. Neil Gaiman used her in The Sandman, where he gave her different names, the overarching one being "Fashion Thing". It was implied that she was the principal clothing designer of The Dreaming in Vertigo Jam #1.

    In spite of being a witch, she glorified the mod lifestyle, was very proud of her fishnet stockings and electric cauldron that heats automatically. She wore a patch over one eye like the original Wicked Witch of the West. She appeared to be very old, with short white hair. In The Sandman #42, she appeared topless with long dark hair. When she appeared in The Sandman #2, she looked like her usual self, but had taken on the fashion of the yuppie.


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