List of banks in Malaysia

This is a list of financial institutions in Malaysia.

Central Bank

Top 10 largest banks in Malaysia by assets

List of Malaysian banks by assets as of 31/12/2014[1]

Ranking Bank Total assets (RM bil)
1 Maybank 655.401
2 CIMB 414.156
3 Public Bank Berhad 345.722
4 RHB Bank 219.354
5 Hong Leong Bank 194.874
6 AMMB Holdings 130.202
7 United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) 93.177
8 Bank Rakyat 89.305
9 OCBC Bank (Malaysia) 89.106
10 HSBC Bank Malaysia 82.997

List of Malaysian banks (commercial)

List of Licensed Banking Institutions in Malaysia (commercial) in alphabetical order

List of foreign banks (commercial)

List of Licensed Banking Institutions in Malaysia (commercial) in alphabetical order

List of banks with marketing & representative offices in Malaysia

List of offshore banks & branches in Labuan

Investment Banking Arm (Wholesale Banking)

14 Investment banks (full list)

Merchant bank

There is none as all previous ones have been converted or merged into investment banks.

Other types of banks

18 Islamic banks (local & foreign) (full list)

Development Financial Institutions (Government-owned banks) (full list)

Discount House

There is none as all previous ones has been transform into investment bank

6 Moneybrokers (full list)

(3) Other Financial Institution (full list)

List of Credit Cards, Charge Cards, Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards Issuers

Credit Cards Issuers

(i) denotes Islamic Only facilities.

Charge Cards Issuers

Bank Issuer Charge Card Endorser
Diners Club (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd* Diners Club*
Maybank Berhad American Express

Malaysia Debit Cards Issuers

Bank Issuer MEPS ATM Main Brand Co-Brand
Al-Rajhi Islamic Bank MEPS Visa Electron Musafir-Hajj (SAR)
Affin Bank MEPS MasterCard MyDebit
Affin Islamic MEPS MasterCard MyDebit
Alliance Bank MEPS MasterCard Maestro, MyDebit
AmBank MEPS MasterCard MyDebit
Bank Islam MEPS Visa Electron MyDebit
Bank of China (Malaysia) MEPS MasterCard
Bank Rakyat MEPS MasterCard
Bank Simpanan Nasional MEPS Visa Electron MyDebit
Bank Muamalat MEPS - -
CIMB Bank MEPS E-MasterCard MyDebit
Citibank MEPS Visa Debit -
Hong Leong Bank MEPS Visa Electron MyDebit
ICBC Malaysia MEPS UnionPay
MayBank MEPS Visa Electron E-MasterCard, MyDebit
Public Bank MEPS Visa Electron E-MasterCard, MyDebit
RHB Bank MEPS Visa Electron MyDebit
Standard Chartered Bank MEPS E-MasterCard Visa Electron
United Overseas Bank MEPS E-MasterCard -
OCBC Bank MEPS MasterCard Visa Electron, MyDebit
Kuwait Finance House MEPS Visa Electron -
HSBC Bank MEPS Visa MyDebit

So far Al-Rajhi Visa card BIN allows online purchases for flights & US purchases. Restricted for Non-Halal uses such as Casino, Pub etc. Can be used at Genting Resorts.
E-MasterCard is the Electronic MasterCard (Non Embossed). It may be personalised.
NETS is the Network for Electronic Transfer System in Singapore for EFTPOS. ATM Roaming use only
All banks are BERHAD (Public Limited Company) except Bank Rakyat and BSN which are Coop and Govt entities respectively. Most mainline banks are now members of MEPS ATM. Withdrawal charges normally are about RM1 for Major banks except where stated (as much as RM5 each time). All Visa card are non embossed type except for Citibank Ready Credit accounts. Bank Rakyat, Muamalat, OCBC Bank do not co-brand their cards except for ATM use only.

Central Bank of Malaysia expects all debit cards issued in Malaysia to be co-branded with the local network 'MyDebit' latest by the year 2017. [5]

Prepaid Cards Issuers

Bank Issuer Prepaid Card Endorser Cost for Starter Pack Cost to maintain
AEON Credit Service MasterCard RM25 Free
Alliance Bank MasterCard (DIGI Simple MasterCard) Nil (for DiGi subscriber) Nil*
AmBank Berhad MasterCard (NextG) RM25 RM3 per month*
Bank of China (Malaysia) UnionPay RM25.44 (Card issuance fee waived until further notice). Free. Can't be used locally in Malaysia, usable overseas and charged in Chinese Yuan for every purchase.
Bank Islam Berhad MasterCard RM50 Free but up to 3 years*
Maybank American Express RM15 RM6 per annum. Shell easiGo.
Maybank Visa RM20 RM6 per annum. Manchester United Card
RHB Bank Berhad Visa RM25.44 RM25.44 per annum.
RHB Bank Berhad Visa RM25.44 RM25.44 per annum. In partnership with Sogo Malaysia.
TPaay Asia Mastercard RM10 (Waived if loaded with RM50 as purchase) Waived unconditionally. RM2.50 monthly for inactivity


Other private financial institutions (private institution)

Licensed Money Lenders

Defunct, merged, acquired or renamed banks

(more to come)

80 Licensed Fund Managers (+ Futures Fund Managers) ('full list)

16 Licensed Futures Brokers (full list)

37 Licensed Dealers (full list)

(more to come)

8 Life and General Businesses(full list)

8 Life Businesses(full list)

26 General Businesses(full list)

1 Life and General Reinsurance Businesses (full list)

1 Life Reinsurance Businesses (full list)

4 General Reinsurance Business (full list)

12 Takaful Operators (full list)

Defunct Insurance companies

(More to come)

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