Iraqi Light Armored Vehicle

Iraqi Light Armored Vehicle

A MRAP ( Iraqi Light Armored Vehicle) in the service of the Iraqi army.
Service history
In service 2007–Present
Used by Iraq, United States
Wars Iraq War
Production history
Manufacturer BAE Systems General Dynamics
Number built 300+
Weight 36,000 lbs (16,330 kg)
Length 309 in (784 cm)
Width 106 in (268 cm) at rear side market lights
Height 110 in (280 cm)
Crew 2+8

Armor Classified
Optional firing ports
Engine Caterpillar C7 FMM Diesel
330 hp (246 kw)@ 2400 RPM
Power/weight 860 ft lbs (1166 nm) @ 1440 RPM
Transmission Allison 3500 SP series
350 mi (565 km)
Speed 55 mph (89 km/h)

Iraqi Light Armored Vehicle or International Light Armored Vehicle is an armored fighting vehicle based on the Cougar and manufactured by Force Protection Industries, BAE Systems and General Dynamics.[1][2] I

Nicknamed the Badger, The ILAV is based on the Cougar, which can carry ten passengers (the six wheel version can carry sixteen). The Cougar/ILAV vehicle uses a capsule design to protect the passengers and key vehicle components from mines and roadside bombs. The Badger itself costs about US$432,000. Just like other MRAPS, the Badger can be outfitted with a robotic arm for the purpose of investigating possible IEDS and UXOs.[3][4]

Operational history

Iraqi Army

The Iraqi Army began to be equipped with the IFAV in 2007 and main user of the IFAV.[5] The Iraqi Army Second Division was one of the first unit to receive the IFAV. Members if the Division stated that the IFAV will help provider improved protection for Soldiers of the Iraqi Army.[6] The Eight Division received two IFAVs and training from the 555th Engineer Brigade in 2008.[7] Current Iraqi Army Engineers are being trained and equipped with the remote controlled arm variants.[8][9] Kurdish Fighters are operating at least two vehicles as of September 2014. [10]

US Army

The ILAV was delivered to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in 2009 for training against IEDs. The ILAV is planned to be used in "Training the Trainer" program to help new operators safety drive US MRAPs. The Department of Defense currently restricts the use of the ILAV for training only because the armor does not meet DOD requirements to be deployed in field.[11]



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