Didgori 3
Type Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin  Georgia
Service history
In service 2012 - Present
Used by Georgian Land Forces
Production history
Designer Scientific Technical Center Delta
Manufacturer Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing (Armory Plant)
Weight 9000 kg (combat weight 10 tonnes)
Length 6,5 m
Width 2,11 m
Height 2,26 m
Crew 1+8

Armor protection according to STANAG level 3. Can be further reinforced with uparmored version
RC 12.7×108mm NSV machine gun
Two 7.62mm PK machine gun
Engine Double turbo diesel engine
250hp (military)
Suspension wheeled 6×6
500 km
Speed 100 km/h

Didgori-3 (Georgian: დიდგორი-3) is a Georgian 6×6 armored personnel carrier with a remote weapon station as primary weapon developed by the State Scientific Technical Center "Delta". The Didgori-3 was first displayed during a military parade in 2012.

Technical characteristics

Didgori-3, like two previous Didgori Armoured Personnel Carrier and Didgori-2 is equipped with night/thermal imaging cameras and GPS navigation system. Information from the cameras are provided on three independent displays: one for the driver, one for the commander and one for the Passengers. This armored vehicle is based on a modified chassis of KrAZ-6322 truck chassis and is powered by a YaMZ-238D 300 hp turbocharged diesel engine. The Didgori-3 is fitted with a self-recovery winch and can tow trailers or artillery pieces.[1]


The armour withstands impacts of 7.62×54mmR AP rounds, mine blasts from underneath in accordance to STANAG level 2 and direct grenade hits. Further details are unknown, since the composition of the material is classified. The monocoque steel v-hull provides protection against small arms fire, artillery shell shrapnel, anti-personnel/tank mines and IEDs. Front wheel arches are designed to be blown away to free blast pockets. The design is meant to follow the basic principle of US MRAP vehicles for peacekeeping missions.



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