Healthcare in Moldova

The Moldovan state has a universal health care system.


Health care in Moldova known dynamic development in the past years, the hospitals being equipped with ultra-modern equipment, the new surgical blocks and general medical departments being built in Chisinau - capital city. The birth rate is at one and a half children per woman.[1] Public expenditure on health was 4.2% of the GDP and private expenditure on health 3.2%.[1] There are about 264 physicians per 100,000 people.[1] Health expenditure was 138 US$ (PPP) per capita in 2004. In 2011, accordingly to World Bank, the health expenditures per capita was at about 223 US$.[1]

Emergency aid

The largest national emergency aid service is concentrated and is being in service within Chisinau - the capital region of Moldova. Nowadays in Chisinau operate 60 ambulance municipal cars, instead of 92 how is required and a douzen cars of private emergency service - Calmed. Everyday there are registered and served 800 emergency calls within Chisinau and more than 2000 emergency calls within the whole Moldova per day. The core of emergency system in Chisinau is National Scientific and Practical Centre for Emergency Medicine, having 620 beds, enrolling 3138 of personnel.


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