Poverty in Moldova

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe.[1] According to the UN Development Program report, 8.1% of the population was living below the international poverty line of 1.25 US dollars a day in 2000-2007 and 48.5% of the population was living below the national poverty line in 2000-2006.[2] As of 2009, Moldova's Human Poverty Index (HPI) is 5.9%.,[3] however significant improvement has been made and profits are rising.


There are numerous factors related to poverty in Moldova:

Rural and urban poverty

Level of absolute poverty[5]
Residence 2000 2004
Rural 73.9% 31.2%
Small towns 80.7% 34.9%
Large towns 40.0% 6.9%

Child poverty

Child poverty is one of the most important problems in Moldova. Children living in rural areas have an extremely high risk of poverty especially if the family has three or more children. Children in poor households have a high risk of educational underachievement and a lacking access to the healthcare services.


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