Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Deutsche Presse-Agentur
For Profit cooperative
Industry News media
Founded 18 August 1949 (1949-08-18)
Headquarters Mittelweg 38
20148 Hamburg
, Germany
Area served
Key people
  • Michael Segbers, President
  • Matthias Mahn and Andreas Schmidt, CEO
Products Wire service
Revenue 87,824,000 EUR (2010)
Number of employees
792 (2010)
dpa corporate headquarters at Mittelweg in Rotherbaum, Hamburg

Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH (DPA; German Press Agency) is a German news agency founded in 1949.[1] Based in Hamburg, it has grown to be a major worldwide operation serving print media, radio, television, online, mobile phones, and national news agencies. News is available in German, English, Spanish, and Arabic.

The DPA is the largest press agency in Germany.[2] Along with the main office in Hamburg, there is a central news office in Berlin. The DPA has offices in some 100 countries, including 12 regional German bureaus along with 50 additional offices in Germany.[1]


The DPA began in 1949, succeeding the Deutsche Nachrichtenagentur and the Süddeutsche News Agency (Südena). It was founded as a co-operative in Goslar on 18 August 1949, but became a limited liability company in 1951. Fritz Singer was the first editor-in-chief and managing director. He served as managing director until 1955 and as managing editor until 1959. The first transmission was at 6 a.m. on 1 September 1949.[3]

In 1986, the DPA Global Media Services (GMS). This bought in 1988 their competitors Cartography Service GmbH.

In 2010, the headquarters of the DPA editors at the Markgrafenstraße moved into the historical newspaper district of Berlin, location of the former newsroom for Hamburg (word, internet, graphics), Frankfurt (pictures), and Berlin (words, pictures, audio, and video). The corporate headquarters of DPA remain in Hamburg, located in a Gründerzeit villa on Rotherbaum's Mittelweg, along with head management, sales, and business department, the subsidiary dpa-media technology GmbH.


The objective of the DPA is the collection, processing, and circulation of news, archives, and photo material from all subjects. The main statute of the DPA is "impartiality from influence and interference from the parties, world organizations, business and finance groups and governments".

German language service

The "DPA Basic Service" is the most important service that the DPA produces. The services produces over 800 daily reports from the entire world, on the subjects of politics, business, culture, sports, and other miscellaneous news stories. Along with the international offices the twelve regional offices produce reports dealing with German politics, business, culture, and sports. The DPA Photo Service provides customers about 350 photos daily.

DPA customers are provided the service for a monthly fee (which is dependent on the size of the organization), additional fees are required for organizations that do not provide content to DPA.

The DPA Basic Service is the most significant German news service. With that the DPA has an important role in "agenda setting" for German media. For decades the DPA has been featured in almost every German newspaper and news service.

Foreign language services

The "DPA World News Service" gives German news stories in English, Spanish, and Arabic. The English service is produced in Berlin, the Spanish services in Buenos Aires and Madrid, and the Arabic service from Cairo.

In 2008 it was announced that starting in spring 2009 the DPA would be providing a dual-language service in Turkish and German. The service was started so that the German media can "provide information for Turkish speaking citizens living in Germany". The service was abandoned after only nine months.

Cooperation with other news agencies

The DPA works with collection and circulation of news from many other news agencies; foreign agencies include the Austria Presse-Agentur. DPA is also in cooperation with the agency DPA-AFX Business News and the Swiss national press agency Schweizerische Depeschenagentur.


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