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The Catholic News Agency (CNA) is a provider of news related to Catholicism to an English speaking audience worldwide. It is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Its editor-in-chief is Peruvian journalist Alejandro Bermudez.[1]


The website covers Catholic news and has regular columns by figures such as Bishop Samuel J. Aquila[2] and other Catholic writers and speakers. It also includes many book and movie reviews.[3]

Its editors' service provides free-of-charge news, features, commentary and photojournalism to newspaper editors.[4] News from the agency is used by other news services such as EWTN, the National Catholic Register, and Christian News Wire.[5][6][7][8]

Catholic News Agency is the sister agency of the Spanish-language news agency ACI Prensa. In 2014 the Catholic News Agency and the ACI Group announced that they are merging with EWTN. [9]

Likelihood of confusion

The Catholic News Agency is not related to the similarly-named Catholic News Service or the "Conservative News Agency of New York" (CNA-NY).

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