Daredevil: The Album

Daredevil: The Album
Soundtrack album by various artists
Released March 4, 2003
Length 74:07
Label Wind-Up
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Daredevil: The Album
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Daredevil: The Album was released in 2003 by Wind-Up Records for the movie Daredevil, starring Ben Affleck.[2] All songs were previously unreleased, and some songs appeared on later releases. Unlike later Wind-Up soundtrack releases, many songs from Daredevil: The Album notably appeared in the film.

The album was one of the first collaborations between Marvel Comics and Wind-Up Records, which would continue with the releases of Fantastic Four and the Daredevil sequel/spin-off Elektra. Three singles were released from the album: Fuel's "Won't Back Down", The Calling's "For You", and Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life".

Three songs were omitted from release on the album: N.E.R.D.'s "Lapdance", Dara Shindler's "Faraway", and House of Pain's "Top o' the Morning to Ya".

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Won't Back Down"  Fuel 3:22
2. "For You"  The Calling 3:42
3. "Bleed For Me"  Saliva 3:59
4. "Hang On"  Seether 3:10
5. "Learn the Hard Way"  Nickelback 2:54
6. "The Man Without Fear"  Drowning Pool (feat. Rob Zombie) 3:20
7. "Right Now"  Nappy Roots (feat. Marcos Curiel of P.O.D.) 4:33
8. "Evening Rain"  Moby 3:53
9. "Bring Me to Life"  Evanescence (feat. Paul McCoy of 12 Stones) 3:56
10. "Until You're Reformed"  Chevelle 4:00
11. "Right Before Your Eyes"  Hoobastank 3:31
12. "Fade Out/In"  Paloalto 3:37
13. "Caught in the Rain"  Revis 3:31
14. "High Wire Escape Artist"  Boysetsfire 3:47
15. "Raise Your Rifles"  Autopilot Off 2:37
16. "Daredevil Theme [Blind Justice Remix]"  Graeme Revell and Mike Einziger 3:32
17. "My Immortal"  Evanescence 4:23
18. "Sad Exchange"  Finger Eleven 3:32
19. "Simple Lies"  Endo 4:07
20. "Let Go"  12 Stones 4:29
Total length:
Daredevil: The Album - EP[3]
No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Won't Back Down"  Fuel 3:22
2. "For You"  The Calling 3:42
3. "Hang On"  Seether 3:10
4. "Sad Exchange"  Finger Eleven 3:32
5. "Let Go"  12 Stones 4:29

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