Emissaries of Evil

The Emissaries of Evil is a name used by three different fictional teams of supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history

The first Emissaries of Evil debuted in Daredevil Annual #1 and were created by Stan Lee, Gene Colan, and John Tartaglione.

The second Emissaries of Evil debuted in Defenders #42 and were created by Gerry Conway and Keith Giffen.

The third Emissaries of Evil debuted in Daredevil #377 and were created by Scott Lobdell and Tom Morgan.

Fictional character biography

Electro's Emissaries of Evil

Emissaries of Evil
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Daredevil Annual #1 (1967)
Created by Stan Lee
Gene Colan
John Tartaglione
In-story information
Leader(s) Electro
Member(s) Gladiator

The first Emissaries of Evil was recruited by Electro in a plot of revenge against Daredevil for previous defeats. This group consisted of Gladiator, Stilt-Man, Leap-Frog, and the Matador. Electro established his headquarters in one of the city's power plants. Daredevil happened across Electro meeting with Matador and attacked them, but Electro waylaid him with an electric blast and Electro fled with Matador. Electro then instructed Gladiator, Stilt-Man, Leap-Frog, and Matador to wait in different parts of the city for Daredevil to show up. Later, as part of Electro's plan, the Matador followed Daredevil and ambushed him, but Daredevil easily overcame him. Then Daredevil over came Stilt-Man. Leap-Frog then attacked Daredevil in Centrap Park. Although the villains were defeated, they were able to return to Electro's hideout. When Daredevil arrived, the Emissaries of Evil conducted one final mass-assault on Daredevil. Daredevil successfully defeated all of them and wrapped the whole group up in a lasso made from an electric wire so that they couldn't break free. Daredevil then left them for the police.[1]

Egghead's Emissaries of Evil

Emissaries of Evil
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Defenders #42 (December, 1976)
Created by Gerry Conway
Keith Giffen
In-story information
Base(s) Orbiting NASA space station
Leader(s) Egghead
Member(s) Cobalt Man
Power Man

The second lineup was recruited by Egghead, and consisted of Rhino, Solarr, Eel, Porcupine, Power Man and Swordsman. This team is never called the "Emissaries of Evil", but Egghead does refer to them as his "employed Emissaries". Egghead wanted to hold the United States hostage as the Emissaries of Evil gathered in Canada where Egghead built a nuclear device. The Emissaries of Evil commandeered the television airwaves as Egghead demanded that the President of the United States hand over his position to Egghead or he will launch the nuclear device to New York City. James Hudson and his team of Canadian adventurers called The Flight saw the broadcast and rushed into action to stop the Emissaries of Evil. Even with little training, The Flight quickly took out the Emissaries of Evil before turning their attention towards Egghead. Egghead refused to disable the nuclear device and Saint Elmo sacrificed his life to transmute it into energy.[2]

Egghead equipped a NASA Space Station with an arsenal and reformed the Emissaries of Evil with Rhino, Solarr, and Cobalt Man (who Egghead brainwashed into destroying the Defenders). Egghead then sent the Emissaries of Evil to attack the Defenders and obtain the Star of Capistan. Rhino and Solarr held their own against the Defenders and realized that they did not have the Star of Capistan. Upon returning to the space station, Rhino and Solarr were punished by Egghead who then sent Cobalt man to deal with the Defenders and use his nuclear arsenal so that Egghead can see the Defenders be destroyed.[3] Cobalt Man was freed from the brainwashing by Clea and Red Guardian. Rhino and Solarr were defeated by Doctor Strange (who was possessed by the Star of Capistan's Red Rajah). Egghead attempted to take on the Defenders on his own, but Cobalt Man turned against him by turning his powers on Egghead where both of them were seemingly killed.[4]

Kingpin's Emissaries of Evil

Emissaries of Evil
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Daredevil #377 (August, 1998)
Created by Scott Lobdell
Tom Morgan
In-story information
Leader(s) Kingpin
Member(s) Synapse
La Concierge

The third Emissaries of Evil were recruited by Kingpin (who was briefly active in France). This group consisted of La Concierge, Stilt-Man and Synapse.[5] Daredevil (whose memories were reprogrammed by S.H.I.E.L.D. to pose as undercover agent Laurent Levasseur) ended up fighting the Emissaries of Evil while undercover.[6] During a battle with Kingpin and his henchmen, Laurent regains his memories of being Matt Murdock and Daredevil. S.H.I.E.L.D. and Foggy Nelson finally catch up with Matt Murdock and he loses his temporary eyesight as he prepares to return to his normal life.[7] When Kingpin and the Emissaries of Evil try to frame a Middle Eastern man for terrorism so that Kingpin can get his hands on a shipment of weapons, Matt Murdock defends the patsy and wins in court. Daredevil takes on the Emissaries of Evil in order to foil Kingpin's scheme. Daredevil manages to defeat the Emissaries of Evil.[8]


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