The Daredevils

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The Daredevils

The Daredevils #1. Art by Paul Neary
Publication information
Publisher Marvel UK
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date January – November 1983
Number of issues 11
Creative team
Writer(s) Alan Moore
Frank Miller
Stan Lee
Artist(s) Alan Davis
Paul Neary

The Daredevils was a comics magazine and anthology published by Marvel UK in 1983. Aimed for a more sophisticated audience than typical light superhero adventures, The Daredevils featured Captain Britain stories by Alan Moore and Alan Davis, as well as new Night Raven text stories, and reprints of Frank Miller's Daredevil stories. In addition to these regular features, it also included some Spider-Man stories, occasional one-off comic stories, and a variety of text articles.

The title lasted eleven issues before merging with The Mighty World of Marvel.

Regular features

Aside from the occasional pull-out posters, all contents were printed in black-and-white, not colour.

Other features

Daredevils also included other features, often written by Alan Moore:[1]


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