Daisy Watkins

Daisy Watkins
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Static #4 (September 1993)
Created by Dwayne McDuffie (co-writer)
Robert L. Washington III (co-writer)
John Paul Leon (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Daisy Watkins
Team affiliations Static
Supporting character of Static
Notable aliases none
Abilities Gifted Intellect

Daisy Watkins is fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics and a supporting character of Static/Virgil Hawkins. Created by writers Dwayne McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III, and artist John Paul Leon, Daisy first appeared in Static #4 (September 1993), one of the titles published by Milestone Comics, an imprint of DC Comics. After the closing of Milestone Comics, Daisy became part of DC's mainstream universe of characters. On the Static Shock series from the DCAU she was reinvented and seen as Static's girlfriend, and was voiced by Crystal Scales.

Publication history

Daisy Watkins first appeared in Static #4 (September 1993) created by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III & John Paul Leon (artist).

Fictional character biography

Milestone & DC Universes

Daisy Watkins is a smart but shy girl who attends Ernest Hemingway High School, where she's also friends with Frieda Goren, Rick Stone & Virgil Hawkins despite her shyness. And unbeknownst to Daisy and everyone else, Virgil Hawkins is also the superhero known as Static in secret.[1][2][3][4]

Daisy once had feelings for Virgil and they dated for a brief time, but Virgil's double-life as superhero 'Static' and the constant responsibilities that came with it' interfered with their relationship, it wasn't long before Daisy got tired of Virgil always missing their dates and breaking promises, so they both decided to break up.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20]

The New 52

Daisy has yet to make an appearance in the New 52.

Other Versions


From the DC Animated Universe, Daisy Watkins was a brilliant kid who attended the Vanmoor Institute, a school for gifted youth.

She shared a class with some friends, and was taught by the seniors. After a rousing adventure involving her hero Static, Daisy's seniors were revealed as criminals arrested. After that incident, Daisy's parents had her transferred to a safer public school, where Virgil Hawkins also attended who was Static in secret. Daisy went on to become best friends with Frieda Goren, and Shenice Vale; Daisy also became friends with Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley too. Even though Virgil and Daisy would go on to flirt with each other, they remained friends, until later on when they decided to start dating (not knowing Virgil was actually Static).

Her admiration for Static also got her into trouble and danger on several occasions from then on. One time, her eagerness to see Static in action saving the day almost became fatal.

Static's, excessive showboating in fights with Supervillains, once caused near by debris of a building to fall on her. While she lay in a coma, Static went out to find the villains known as Puff and Onyx, who he blamed for Daisy's current state; They were eventually caught with the help of a super criminal named Rubberband Man, who also blamed Static for the accident. Static managed to overcome all of them while Daisy eventually recovered from the accident.

On another occasion during a crossover between Static and Superman; she was kidnapped by a teacher, 'Ms. Moore' who was actually an Android who called herself Darcy Mason, she was created by Toyman; one of Superman's enemies, so her body could be used as a template to create an artificial copy for 'Moore' to put her mind in for a better body, and try to escape from Toyman.

Daisy never found out that her boyfriend Virgil Hawkins was actually her hero Static, and his partner Gear was actually Richie Foley.

Powers and abilities

Daisy has no special powers of her own, she's just a high school student with a talent in science and math, and is an average human with average strength

In other media


Daisy was reinvented a little on the TV series Static Shock from 2000 to 2004; part of the DCAU. This version of Daisy was less shy and more popular like her friend Frieda Goren. When she came into contact with Static, she became infatuated with him, she also developed a relationship with Virgil Hawkins (not knowing he was actually Static), developing an on again/off again relationship because Virgil's responsibilities as Static would get in the way of their relationship. Daisy was voiced by Crystal Scales.


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